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You might think that car servicing isn’t important, especially if money is tight. We’re obliged to have an MOT on our vehicles, but having it serviced isn’t something that we should forget about. This can pick up problems before they become too serious and help your car perform more efficiently.

What is carried out at a service?

There are different levels of servicing that you can have, depending on how regularly you use your car and the types of journeys you make.

Oil change

The most basic checks are carried out with an oil change. This isn’t a complete service, but it should be carried out in between services, around every 10,000 miles or before a long journey. When the garage changes your oil you should ensure that they use the correct grade, which will be detailed in the manual. During an oil change, the garage should also check the levels of brake fluid, anti-freeze coolant, windscreen wash and power steering fluid. They might also see if the battery, lights, windscreen wipers, exhaust emissions and tyre tread and pressure are all in good working order. You still need to have your oil changed regularly, even if you don’t use the car very often. Issues with oil are more common in vehicles that are used for short journeys or when it’s started from a cold engine.

Interim service

This is the first level of servicing and should be undertaken every 6,000 miles or after six months.car service When carrying out an interim service, the garage will check all the components of an oil change. However, they will also conduct a full brake check, as well as looking at the condition of the steering, shock absorbers and suspension. Sometimes this service includes an examination of the car’s emission levels.

Full service

It’s vital that you book your car in for a full service after 12,000 miles or at least once a year. This will check all the points of an interim service and some of the engine components that can start to wear after this amount of time. The service looks at the car’s wheel alignment, wheel bearing, belt and brake fluid. You may need to have your air filter changed, as well as spark plugs for a petrol engine or the fuel filter for a diesel engine.

Do I need to have a service?

There are a number of reasons why regularly servicing your car is crucial. One of the most important is that it helps your car to run more efficiently and reduces the likelihood of breaking down. Having a service will help to pick up any problems before they become too serious and cause the engine to fail. This could not only keep your car running, but also save you money.

If your car is still under warranty, then failing to have your service carried out on time could invalidate the policy. There have been instances when a claim for a part that’s covered by the warranty has been declined because the service schedule wasn’t up to date. When you come to sell your car, you’ll be able to achieve a higher price if you can prove it’s been serviced regularly.

These time and mileage points are just general indicators. It may be necessary to have a service done more frequently, depending on the age and power of the car and the type of journeys you make. You should always check your manual for details on recommended service intervals.



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