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Cheap hobbies for you to try

cheap hobbies for you to try

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Bringing up children is hard work but as they get older you’ll probably find you have a bit more me time again. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll know what to do with it! You may not have the time, money or inclination to revert back to the hobbies you had before your first baby was born (I’ve yet to meet a parent with the energy or cash to go clubbing twice a week!). Here are a few cheap hobbies for you to try.

Learn an instrument

Whether you took lessons in the past but gave up when you left school or whether you are a total beginner, you don’t have to lay out a fortune to learn to play music. Second hand instruments can be picked up pretty cheaply and the internet is a great source for tutorials. If you fancy getting out and meeting people too then consider joining a band or ensemble – many organisations have training groups with instruments available for players to take home and practise.


Most of us live within easy reach of a library where you can borrow almost any book you’ve ever heard of for free. No matter whether you want to learn about a topic, person or place or fancy escaping into an imaginary world for a while, the library is an amazing resource just waiting to be used. And as you don’t even need to leave the house to curl up with a good book, it’s the perfect way to spend the hours between the kids’ bedtime and your own.


You don’t need to fork out for a swanky gym membership or enrol in expensive classes to enjoy getting fit. Running, cycling and swimming are all frugal ways to keep fit without needing a huge amount of expensive gear. You could arrange to meet up with a friend and go out jogging together to make it more of a social occasion.

Educate yourself

If you fancy learning a new skill you might want to enrol in evening classes but to be even more frugal, you could sign up for a free internet course. Organisations like Futurelearn offer free courses from UK universities in a variety of topics including ones that could turn into a hobby of their own, such as developing a mobile game to be played on a computer, mobile or tablet.


We all need to cook so why not spend some time enjoying it? Poring over recipes, shopping for ingredients and creating tasty dishes can make a great hobby. You can batch cook and freeze meals for the week to save time after work or you could explore new foods and try a new recipe every weekend.

cheap hobbies for you to tryGardening

Great for getting some fresh air and exercise, gardening has loads of other benefits too. You could create the perfect outdoor playing space for the kids or start growing your own food for practically no cost. Even if you don’t have your own garden, there are plenty of elderly people who would appreciate a helping hand maintaining theirs.

Volunteering as a hobby

To many charities, time is more valuable than money. There are endless opportunities for volunteering, from serving customers in a charity shop to working with troubled teenagers. Whatever your interests you’re sure to find a role that will support a charity, allow you to meet new people and help you learn new skills along the way.







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