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Children’s birthday party ideas

Children's birthday party ideas

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Thinking of children’s birthday party ideas and executing a successful party can be a minefield.  Deciding where to have it, what it should involve and who to invite might sound like enough effort without the stress of actually seeing it through and spending the afternoon with 30 of your child’s friends and classmates.  However, with a little thought and preparation, it is possible to arrange the perfect day for your child that hopefully you will be able to enjoy too.

Toddler parties

One of the great things about toddlers is that the whole world is new to them.  Whatever you plan, they’re going to find it exciting so don’t waste time and money going over the top.  You don’t want them to get overwhelmed and slink off for a nap leaving a room full of guests to get on with it!  Keep the guest list short and try to time it to only last an hour or two.

If you are only inviting a few close friends and relatives then your living room will probably be plenty big enough and it is a comfortable environment for your child.  Everything babies and toddlers are likely to need such as potties, changing mats, non-spill cups will be on hand and the area will already be toddler proofed.  Simple games like Pass the Parcel or Musical Statues are great for this age group but make sure everyone wins a prize to avoid tears.

Lots of kids?

You might want to hire a hall if you have lots of friends with children.  This provides plenty of room for running and dancing around and has the added bonus of not being left with sausage rolls trodden into the carpet.  Toddlers aren’t great at buffets so plate up finger foods in advance, ready to be handed out when it’s time for eating.  Traditional games also work well in a hall but it might be worth taking along things like pop-up tents, tunnels and ball pits to help keep the kids occupied.

While soft play might feel like two hours in hell for some parents, it definitely has its merits when it comes to birthday parties.  There is plenty of activities to keep children entertained, especially if there are older kids going too, and mess is limited.  Many soft play centres allow you exclusive use for birthday parties.

Ideas for party bag fillers

Boxes of raisins, fruit bags, bubbles, crayons, board books, Play-Doh and bath toys.

Age 4-7

By this stage your child will probably have been to a few birthday parties and may be a little more demanding.  Consider decorating with balloons, banners and streamers to add to the party atmosphere.  Kids this age love to get dressed up so a fancy dress party could be fun, especially if you have a theme like superheroes or the circus.  Small parties with a few friends should be kept occupied by party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Simon Says but if you’re inviting a whole class then a magician or balloon modeller will help keep them entertained. If you’d rather take your child and some friends on a day out than have a traditional party then there are plenty of options available.  Pottery painting, dance parties or trips to the farm or zoo are all sure to go down a treat.Children's birthday party ideas

Ideas for party bag fillers

Bracelets, stickers, toy cars, hair clips, pencil toppers, bouncy balls, seed kits and kazoos. Or for more original, authentic party bag gifts that will add a personal touch, check out these great ideas at www.hometimecrafts.co.uk

Age 8-12

This is the age where children start wanting to put their own stamp on a party, so try to come up with an idea that suits their personality and is a little different.  Discos aren’t necessarily a great idea for this age group (think of your own school discos where the girls danced and the boys stood around looking awkward!) so consider putting a little twist on it.  A karaoke party or even a Britain’s Got Talent style talent show might go down a blast.  Pass the Parcel isn’t going to cut it with this lot, so think about providing games like giant Jenga or a pool table.  Setting up a photo both with some props like huge glasses, hats and feather boas will not only offer entertainment, but also some great keepsakes and unique ‘thank you’ cards.  You don’t need to hire an expensive booth, just hang a backdrop in a corner and have someone on hand to snap the pictures.

Rather than a party, smaller groups of friends might like Lazerquest, roller-skating, pony trekking, go-karting, bowling or swimming parties.  A summer birthday could be celebrated with a barbecue at the beach or in a country park, providing a relatively low cost way to entertain a lot of people.

Party bag filler ideas

Temporary tattoos, marbles, gliders, lip-gloss, highlighters and felt tip pens.




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