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Choosing the Right Make-up For Your Hair Colour

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Making a dramatic change to your hair colour can feel energising and invigorating, but it is important not to forget to adjust your make-up to match your new shade.  Certain colours complement each other, and what works for blonde locks will not give the same effect on a brunette.  Revamping your make-up bag to accommodate your new hair colour does not have to be an expensive task.  Some items will make more of an impact than others.


This is perhaps the most important thing of all to change.  It not only provides the base for your entire make-up style, but covers the largest visible surface area too.  Think about your face and hair as complementary colour tones which you want to reflect each other, not clash.

If your new hairstyle is much lighter than before you will need to warm up your foundation a little to avoid appearing pale and washed-out.  If money is really tight even an extra brush of bronzer can achieve this quite effectively.

For a change from blonde to dark, be careful not to appear washed out.  Blush can work well to add a little warmth, but go easy or you can end up looking like a clown.  You are looking for a pretty, subtle, flushed effect, not sunburn.

Tinted skin creams and moisturisers are very effective too, and have the added benefit of smoothing out our skin tone and covering unsightly blemishes.  Choose one browner tints for light hair, and red tints for darker hair.


If you are on a budget then eyeliner is a more flexible investment than an eye shadow.  Light hair tones should be looking for subtle definition around the eyes, and a gentle black, chocolate brown or even watery blue liner can bring out eye shape and contrast beautifully with blonde hair.

A thin line above and around the outer edge of the eye is the perfect combination, and can be set off particularly well by long lashes in a similar shade.  It has the effect of highlighting your eyes in a soft but effective way.  If you have the budget for eye shadow, smoky shades for evening are always a style winner, and a hint of soft deep blue or chestnut can also look good if used sparingly.  Avoid colours that are too pale.

Darker hair can support a heavier range of colour options around the eye area, but be careful not to overdo it if you are new to the look.  Subtle eyeliner works well, but for everyday wear enhancing your lashes is the best option.  Partnered with a subtle neutral eye shadow this look can be very striking.  Hints of deep red, wine and aubergine can all work well.

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Always more forgiving, the lips can take a little more experimentation.  Whether bright and bold, or pale and neutral, changing your hair colour give you the perfect excuse to try out new tones you may never have considered before.  Most shades can work with all hair colours, but should never clash with your choice of outfit.


Easy to forget, but those shapely brows frame your eyes and can alter the appearance of your face shape.  They can make the difference between a moderate look and a splendid one.  Experts tend to agree that a darker hair colour demands brows a couple of shades lighter, and a lighter hair colour should be coupled with brows a couple of shades darker.  If your new colour is significantly different from your natural colour, professional tinting may be a good idea, or as a cheaper alternative a good quality eyebrow pencil in an appropriate tone will work equally well.



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