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Christmas shopping on a budget

shopping on budget

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Tips on keeping Christmas spending to a minimum

It gets to this time of the year and the realisation that Christmas is just round the corner starts to creep up on you. Shops are slowly introducing Christmas cards, chocolates etc…

Thoughts turn to money and costs of all the Christmas present’s, food and drinks you are going to have to buy, here’s a few tips for Christmas shopping on a budget and being a totally savvy shopper!

  1. Start by making a list of all the people you buy gifts for e.g , Family, friends, work colleagues and any work related presents like Secret Santa.
  2. Think of gifts that would be suitable for each of the people you buy for, if you are not quite sure have a few options for one person so when out shopping you can choose.
  3. Start your budget, have an amount for each present then add all the figures together, if you think the sum is too much recalculate 1 and 2.
  4. Check out online shopping before you go trawling around the high street. There are some great offers and also voucher codes are available which knocks the price down a little. Often online you will find great sale deals too which you don’t often find in the high street stores.
  5. Be careful when shopping on the high street for the “seasonal offers” although they may seem tempting you may blow your budget and end up with things you didn’t really want to buy. Check out the “offers” and “promotions” are within your budget and are suitable for the person you are buying for as sometimes they can save you money.

shopping on a budget


If you are really organised and have the time check out the end of summer sales, these sales have huge discounts in-store and online so be a savvy shopper and start early you won’t regret it I promise!




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