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Cleaning tips to save you time and money

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Tips: Cleaning Saves You Time And Money!

Cleaning may be the last thing on your mind after a hard day or week at work.  Yet a clean house can really boost your mood and improve your sense of well-being, not to mention providing a safe and healthy environment for you and the family to exist in.  Try a few of these top cleaning tips to save you time and money they.  You may even save a little of your sanity along the way!

cleaning tips to save you time and money

Save Time …Divide and conquer

If you always contemplate cleaning on a grand whole-home scale you are bound to feel overwhelmed and may end up doing nothing.  Think of your home as a series of rooms that can be dealt with individually, and spread the cleaning load over the week.

Use a timer – most of us live by the clock to an extent, and that tiny-tick-tock device is a powerful little weapon.  Use it to your advantage – decide how long you are going to clean for, and stick to it.  This generally makes you more productive, and giving a finite time to the task will make it seem less onerous.

Little and often – with each room tackled regularly, you’ll find that the time it takes to clean each time reduces.

Make it easy – having a set of cleaning products on each floor, away from the reach of children of course, will mean you always have them to hand if you have a spare five minutes to clean.  The natural inclination to put off the job because you need to fetch stuff up from downstairs will be removed.

Use bath/bed time as cleaning time – whilst you little ones are having a soak use the time to give the sink and toilet the once over.  They will be interested in what you’re up to, and you’ll be setting a good example of taking pride in your home.  Of course, this won’t work with teenagers!

cleaning tips to save you time and money

Save Money …

Make your own window cleaning fluid – Add 100ml of white vinegar and 1tsp of washing up liquid to 4 litres of warm water and mix well.  Decant into spray bottle and use like a branded cleaner

Give your sink a herbal bath – ditch the abrasive cleaners that can scratch your sink, and try filling the basin overnight with hot herby water in which bunches of rosemary or thyme have steeped for a few hours.  Remove the herbs first.  The sink should be gleaming and fresh-smelling by morning.  A gentle cleaning spray can be used for the tricky spots, and this will last much longer if you’re not doing the whole sink each time

Clean your own curtains – professional cleaning can be hideously expensive.  Instead, dust and vacuum curtains regularly, and if the need for a wash is desperate do it at home if you can, and if your curtains can’t be machine washed try gentle sponge-cleaning by hand before you call in the pros.  Making sure curtains hang just above the floor and not on it can help keep them clean for longer.

Fizz your loo clean – forget the standard loo cleaners.  Dropping a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl and leaving for 20-30 minutes can work wonders.  A quick brush and clean around the hard to reach places and a flush afterwards should leave the bowl sparkling like freshly-brushed teeth!

Abandon the kitchen roll – invest in washable micro fibre cloths instead.  The saving over time will more than compensate for any initial up-front cost.



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