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Coach trip holidays: they’re not just for oldies!

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The mere phrase, “coach trip holidays” usually conjures up images of people of a certain age travelling to the seaside to play bingo and sip cups of tea as they recline in their deckchairs. Banish these images from your mind, because times they are a changing!

With the economic climate as it is, more and more companies are recognising the opportunity to offer reasonably priced holidays with all the conveniences of a coach tour. Contemporary coaches are no longer the dingy rust buckets they once were and many are opulent, spacious vehicles with bathroom facilities and plenty of leg room. Families especially are opting to book coach tours as younger children adore the chance to have an adventure, travelling from one location to the next peering through the windows from the comfort of their coach seat.

So what are the benefits to a coach trip holiday?

There are numerous benefits to coach trip holidays, including the convenience of being picked up locally, no queuing at airports (which can undoubtedly result in tantrums from the little ones) and of course, the price. Coach trip holidays no longer restrict you to just UK travel either, with the majority of companies providing options to embark on breaks in Europe and beyond. Lounge in comparative luxury on air conditioned coaches and choose from half board and even all inclusive packages from a range of tour operators.

Allow us to guide you through a selection of the best coach trip holidays and prepare to experience a break the whole family can enjoy.

  • The award-winning Shearings Holidays offers an assortment of coach trip holidays in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Travellers can even book a river cruise or upgrade to a luxury coach holiday. The added element of a European river cruise means you and your family can enjoy the vistas of Germany, France, Spain and Italy from a different viewpoint as the ship meanders along the tranquil rivers and canals of Europe. If you fancy a splurge, then why not book one of Shearings luxury coach trip holidays? Discover the beauty of England and Europe as you journey to coastal retreats and countryside havens on board an especially lavish coach. Your accommodation is first-rate and guests will experience the finest cuisine each destination has to offer.
  • National Holidays is a company that specialises in family coach trip getaways with tempting destinations such as Legoland Windsor, Cadburys and Thomasland available. Most factors are covered, including dinner bed and breakfast and tickets for the venues you will visit, which means all you have to do is book and look forward to your family vacation. Their most recent addition is the popular Harry Potter Studios Tour, which is ideal if you have children of differing ages as this tour can be enjoyed by young and old alike.
  • One of the advantages of choosing from coach trip holidays is that even if you have a limited amount of time you can enjoy a brief, but action-packed trip with your family. Door2Door.com is the ideal starting point if you are looking for day trips or more extensive breaks. Day trips need not mean staying locally either as this company provides day breaks to Brussels and Bruges too via the Eurostar. Of course, if you wish to stay in the UK, browse their selection of short breaks and choose the perfect holiday for you and your loved ones. If you are travelling with a large family or other couples and children, take advantage of the group discounts this site has to offer which can include free places when a certain amount of people book a coach tour.

Phew! Quite a collection to be discovered it seems and not one of them involving sunburn and a knotted hanky, although if this is you thing than I am certain there is a coach trip with your name on it – somewhere. Jokes aside, there is a plethora of holiday companies with impeccable reputations that have managed to change the archaic view of coach trip holidays. The choices with regards to destination, time and most importantly, cost, are immense, so, whether you are looking for a theme park extravaganza or a cultural trip abroad, consider a coach trip holiday for your next break and keep the entire family happy.

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