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Comping Tips To Help You Win

Comping Tips To Help You Win

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Comping is the practice of entering as many competitions as you can, thereby increasing your chances of winning something to the maximum level possible. A lot of the success in comping is related to luck, but by approaching competition entries in the right way you can increase your chances of success. Some lucky comping addicts regularly win fabulous prizes such as a new car, a foreign holiday, or a substantial cash handout. Here are some tips to get you started and to help you along, if you already have the urge to dabble.

Enter, then Forget

It’s easy to get carried away with the idea that by comping regularly, you will automatically win. Nothing is guaranteed in this game, so to avoid disappointment it’s important not to bank on winning, avoid getting excited about the ways in which you may enjoy your prize. With each competition it’s best to submit your best entry, then forget about it until results time.

Be Organised

If you are taking comping seriously, you will need to organise your entries well so you don’t get confused and waste your time by entering twice. Set up a spreadsheet or keep a list of all the competitions you have entered, along with dates for when the results will be announced. Be sure to keep it updated, you’ll always know what stage each entry is at. Many serious compers also set up a separate email address for all competition correspondence, investing in a cheap pay-as-you-go phone that is used only for comping. This keeps your other personal contact details private, limiting the amount of spam you receive via your normal communication channels.

Choose Wisely

There are so many competitions out there; it is tempting to enter anything and everything. But your time is a valuable resource so be choosey about which competitions you enter. Only select and give your time to those where the prize is actually of interest or use to you. If you can’t drive then it’s pointless winning a car. If you already own a blender why waste time trying to win a new one?

Make an Effort

Comping Tips To Help You WinThere are some competitions that require you to create a story, rhyme, poem, puzzle, or involve some other challenge or creative endeavour. This puts off a lot of people, which automatically reduces the amount of competition you face. If you make the effort to produce something special, the odds of your winning are greater than with some other types of competition where no effort is required.

Keep it Free When you Can

Many competitions offer convenient ways of entering via costly phone or postal methods. For a little extra time and effort you can often enter the same competition for free online. If you can, then do so, as regular comping can get expensive.

Follow the Rules

It sounds obvious, but make sure you read and abide by the rules of any competition you enter. If you are not eligible because of your age, profession, location or some other reason then don’t waste your time. Similarly, if you are expected to follow a certain procedure for entry then make sure you do it. Also, be aware that some competitions require you to acknowledge a notification that you have won within a certain time period, so make sure you do, or you could find your winnings whisked away before you even receive them.

Surf Securely

Competition sites are a magnet for viruses, hackers and identity thieves, so beware. Don’t enter anything that doesn’t appear to be legitimate, get yourself some decent anti-virus software and run it regularly. And with all this protection in place, be sure to check your spam or junk folder regularly so you don’t miss any important communications from competition sites and hosts.




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  1. Nicky Moran

    Hello, I love competing and the working parent. The working parent recently post a competition for Annual merlin tickets on there days out forum, it states that they will announce the winner but haven’t. Not all competitions will announce winner but usually those on a forums do and its good practise to do so you state your going to announce it

    • theworkingparent

      Hi Nicky! Thanks for your comment, the winner was chosen and announced shortly after the closing date. It was posted on our Social media pages, sorry if you missed it! x


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