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Creating a healthy home

creating a healthy home

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It’s something we all strive towards but creating a healthy home can be difficult, especially when you’re short of time. If you feel you’ve been cutting corners then here are some tips on key areas and what you can do to create a healthy environment for your family.

Screen time

It’s a well-known fact that too much screen time can be detrimental. Plan television viewing and turn off the set when nobody is watching anything in particular. Hide away tablets and games consoles, only bringing them out for the length of time they’ll be getting used. Encourage the family to get involved with board games, crafts or exercise instead of staring at screens. You’ll all feel the benefit both in terms of health and family bonding.

Carpets and furnishings

Carpets and fabric couches may offer much in the way of comfort but they can also harbour allergens and germs. If you’re planning on replacing items then opt for leather sofas and wooden flooring. They’ll be much easier to keep clean and be home to far fewer mites. Otherwise, make sure you vacuum often and ensure your sofa and soft furnishings are thoroughly cleaned throughout the year.

creating a healthy home

Encourage good sleeping habits

The main purpose of a bedroom is to sleep in but, particularly among teenagers, bedrooms can become a social place where we watch television, play games and use computers. Too much activity can affect sleeping habits, making you more restless when it is time to fall asleep. Try to limit the amount of time spent doing other things in the bedroom and always leave your phone downstairs so you’re not tempted to check social media at bedtime.

Colour co-ordinate

Different colours evoke different moods so try to co-ordinate your décor with the room’s purpose. For example, cool colours in the bedroom promote relaxation and can make it easier to fall asleep, while autumnal tones add warmth to a living room. Reds are known to stimulate the appetite so you may want to use those hues in the dining room rather than the kitchen.


Have you ever notice how many show homes contain a bowl of fruit on at least one surface? But far from adding a flash of colour to a room and being just another ornament, a full fruit bowl can help maintain a healthy household. Making fruit easy to reach encourages kids and parents alike to reach in and eat a piece. As well as encouraging you to get your five-a-day, you won’t be so tempted to walk past it to get to less healthy snacks.


It might be freezing outside but opening the windows to let in a blast of fresh air will do you the world of good. It will reduce the number of dust mites making themselves at home in your pad and stops condensation building up. If you really can’t face letting the cold in too, then you may wish to consider using an air purifier, which will get rid of odours and improve air quality in your home. Use an extractor fan in the kitchen and bathroom to let out steam.



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