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Creating A Peaceful Home

Creating a peaceful home

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Ah! Peace and quiet! For parents this dream is about as far from reality as you can get. From crying babies to the thud of music from a teenager’s bedroom, the family home is rarely a haven of peace. But fear not poor parents – there are ways to promote a sense of tranquillity in your home, that can trick your brain into believing that even the noisy bits are peaceful. Here’s how.

De-Clutter Your Space

Mess is noisy. No, you didn’t read that wrong. Mess is noisy. It fills your vision with busy images that force your brain to run into overdrive as it processes the view. Clutter forces you to be aware of it, simply by its presence in your world. It’s there – the only way to avoid it is to close your eyes. And that’s not practical is it?! So de-clutter your home and enjoy an instant noise reduction. Your brain and eyes will thank you for it.

Compress the Mess

The practicalities of living with a family can mean that everyone spreads out in the home. Toys, clothes, dishes and cups are just a few of the things that can migrate around the house, bringing discord into a space. Restore harmony with the introduction of a few simple house rules that everyone follows:

  • If your bring something downstairs, you take it back up
  • If you move a plate/dish/cup into another room, you bring it back to the kitchen when you’re done
  • If you take a bath and pad your way to your room swaddled in 10 towels these need to be returned to the bathroom when you’re dressed

… And so on – create rules that are meaningful to you and your family.

Some mess is inevitable in all homes; by keeping it to defined areas you regain control of it. In respect of toys and younger kids – prepare dedicated ‘Toy Spots’ in your home and tidy up each evening. Not only will this make your children more peaceful (most prefer order over chaos), it will give you a sense of wrapping up your day, drawing the line between noisy kiddie time and peaceful parent time.

Corral the Creativity

Kids breathe life and creativity into everything they do. From writing on walls to bombarding you with endless crayon creations, little people are brilliant at brightening up your life. But it’s easy to allow these vivid inspirations to take over. I looked around my house one day and realised I had kiddie pictures up on walls in every room. Yes, even the bathroom. Eeek! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to be artistic, but things had got out of hand. Make a dedicated space where you can celebrate your children’s artistic abilities and leave your other walls peacefully free from loud images.

Music to your Ears

Creating a peaceful homeMusic has a powerful impact on emotions. My kids love to boogie-on-down to some raucous tunes after tea. I don’t mind that, as it allows them release pent up energies from their day at school. But after a while it’s important to tone it down. Swapping rock for a light classical CD has an amazing effect on us all. It is instantly calming. Music can soothe the soul brilliantly. It can be an incredibly peaceful noise.

Flower Power

Introducing flowers and plants into the home creates a sense of serenity and a closeness to nature that is naturally calming. Studies have shown that having plants in the home helps to boost the mood. These pockets of natural beauty among the madness of daily life will help to generate a sense of perspective, also bring calm where there is chaos.

Soothe your Mind

Simple words, images and keepsakes can be used to great effect to stimulate calm and relaxing thoughts. Leaving certain cues around the home can help to bring you back to earth when times are tough, these act as blissful reminders of happy times. Word ornaments and pictures are great for this – ‘Home’, ‘Love’, ‘Peace’, ‘Family’ – are all words that can stimulate happy and soothing memories in our brains, bringing a feeling of calm to our world without us even realising it. Photos around the home of happy times work the same way. As do keepsakes – a shell from a beach walk last summer, or an ornament received a gift on a special occasion, for example.

Colour Happy

When we moved into our new French home 10 years ago the dining room was painted a vivid shade of olive, complemented with a feature wall in Holland-football-strip orange. After a few weeks my husband and I realised we both became slightly agitated when spending time there. We repainted in a pale, soothing shade of green, and our dining world was transformed. Colours are so evocative, and influential on our moods. Make sure your home has areas that are painted in calming colour schemes for an instant injection of calm whenever you enter those rooms.




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