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Cut the costs of your mobile phone bill

mobile phone bill

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Mobile Phone cost cutting

We all like to have the latest smartphone with all the add-ons, but are you paying too much for your contract? If you’re looking for a new contract then it’s important to research the market thoroughly and consider exactly what you’ll use. Otherwise you could end up paying too much. Here are some simple ways to ensure you choose the right deal and cut the costs of your mobile phone bill.

Mobile phone tariffs can be a minefield, with a huge range of deals from different providers. If you choose the wrong one you might be paying for data and calls you don’t use or paying additional charges when you go over your free minutes. Before you start looking for a new deal, you should consider:

  • Speaking to your existing network to see what they can offer
  • Is mobile phone insurance worth it?
  • Do you need the latest iPhone or will an android smartphone be more suitable?
  • If a free phone deal is really worth it or if you’ll simply end up paying more for the contract

Contract or Pay As You Go

Many people automatically assume that a contract phone is better value, especially if you’re a heavy user of texts or data. However, there is now much more choice in the pay as you go market, with networks offering monthly call, text and data bundles that could save you money. Contracts will usually come with a reduced price phone, which is beneficial if you need a new one and there are no worries about being left with no credit. With a pay as you go deal you won’t have to undergo a credit check and you’re not tied in to a long contract, so you’ve got the freedom to shop around for a better deal at any point.

How to find the best deal

If you want a new mobile phone contract then you should first consider how you use your phone,mobile phone bill whether it’s more for texting or using the internet, and what features you’re looking for in a handset. This will enable you to choose the right deal that offers the best choice of inclusive minutes, texts and data for your requirements. You can work out how much you usually use by taking an average from the last few months bills. It’s best to go for a tariff that offers slightly more than you generally use, so there’s less risk of paying more when you go over your allowance.

SIM only plans can offer a good deal if you don’t actually need a new handset. If you’re looking for a phone as part of the package then think about what elements you’ll actually use. It’s important that you’re not swayed by the latest handset that everyone’s raving about if you won’t use all the features. Instead a more basic smartphone might be a better option.

There are a number of comparison sites, including MoneySupermarket and MobilePhoneChecker, where you can search through all the different tariffs. Once you’ve found the right one for your needs you can then see which offers the best deal, such as cash back or free gifts. Don’t be tempted by a higher tariff with a good free gift, as the actual tariff should be the main driver for your decision.

If you work through this process before choosing your next mobile phone deal, you should be on the right tariff and reduce the risk of paying too much.



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