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Cutting Cinema costs

Cutting Cinema costs

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Taking the family to the cinema can be a costly exercise, especially if the movie of choice is a new release. If you don’t go regularly, there is the temptation to make it a whistles-and-bangs treat and go all out on the popcorn, snacks and drinks. But there are ways of keeping your costs down – so much so that you may be able to think about settling into the bucket seats more often than you thought possible. Here’s how.

Ticket Deals

Keen to add value to their customers (and to keep their business!), non-movie related companies offer deals on movie tickets to their customers. If you are an Orange customer, for example, you may have access to their popular ‘Orange Wednesday’ deal that offers a 2-for-the-price-of-1 ticket deal every week – provided you go on a Wednesday. Similar one-off deals can be found from other organisations throughout the year. Check out online too, a simple search on the net will give you the info you need.

Loyalty Deals

The big names in cinema across the UK are able to offer deals that apply across all of their establishments. At Cineworld, for example, you can subscribe monthly to a deal that costs the same price as two standard adult evening tickets, but allows you to view as many films as you like, whenever you like and at any Cineworld. For regular movie-goers this is a no-brainer.

Kids Deals

Cutting Cinema costsCinemas like it when you bring children along, as you are more likely to spend on added value items like snacks and drinks. To entice you through the doors, many cinemas offer tickets that are heavily discounted and in some cases FREE to kids. Odeon offers weekday morning screenings for parents and babies, where the grown-ups pay standard price but the kids go free. Cineworld also welcomes all children under 18 months for free, with children under the age of 14 years benefitting from reduced price tickets.

Status Deals

Subsidised pricing has long been offered to students and OAPs, so if you fall into one of these groups don’t forget to take your proof of status documents with you to the ticket office. Odeon even offers a dedicated service known as ‘Senior Screen’ where OAPs not only get cheap tickets, but also free hot drinks ahead of screenings that range from much-loved classics to modern box-office blockbusters.

Take your Own Snacks

They don’t like you doing it and if you get caught they will relieve you of your items or ask you to leave (always check to make sure you are not actually breaking any laws – we’d never advocate that you do that). But buying a bag of popcorn and a bottle of Coke beforehand can save you £££ on the prices you have to pay when you buy the same items on-site at the cinema. If money is tight then this is a good compromise. Just be legal and don’t let the staff see!



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