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Cutting the cost of your Christmas dinner

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There’s no doubt that Christmas is a time of excess; lots of food, drink, presents and fun times. This is particularly true on Christmas Day when people up and down the country will be cooking up a feast in the kitchen. But it can also be heavy on the bank balance and the last thing you want is a financial hangover that lasts well into the New Year.

An impressive dinner needn’t cost the earth though, a lot of it is down to careful planning – we’re probably all familiar with buying 24 mince pies where 12 would have sufficed and throwing half of them in the bin. So here are some tips on how to trim the excess off your Christmas food shopping bill.

Consider shopping online

This way not only do you avoid the hell that is the supermarket three days before Christmas, but you also avoid the temptation of filling your trolley with goodies and treats that will probably end up in the aforementioned bin. It also means you can compare prices and often take advantage of some online incentives and vouchers. However, if you do opt for the online route, make sure you get in there early and book your delivery slot as they will be snapped up quickly.

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Check out discount items

If you do brave the shops, take advantage of special offers but don’t be tempted to buy things you don’t really need or want because they are on offer.

Get your budget and stick to it

We all like to splash out and go the extra mile for the Christmas feast, but do you really need five different types of the finest pate and 18 cheeses? Spend more on the items you really enjoy and maybe choose the budget range for others.

Stock up on champers!

The Christmas bubbly often makes a serious dent in the December bank balance, so why not start adding it to your weekly shop now? You probably won’t notice a few bottles of wine or a crate of beer on the weekly food bill now, but it will all add up at the end.

Get peeling and chopping now

If you’re on holiday and have got more time on your hands over Christmas, then trimming and chopping the veg and wrapping the pigs in the blankets yourself will also make savings on the grocery bill. Stick them in the freezer ready for Christmas and you’ll also save time on the day!

These are just a few tips, but the main downfall of shoppers is getting caught up in all the Christmas hype, special offers and adverts. Despite what may seem a good bargain, just try to buy what you and your family will realistically eat. There are also plenty of fun and interesting leftover recipes to be found that will see you into Boxing Day and beyond, just make sure there’s space in that freezer in the build up to the big day.





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