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Cutting Your Hair After a Break-up – Why do we do it?

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When the dust starts to settle on a break-up it can leave you feeling disconnected and lost.  So much of yourself if invested in a relationship that when it ends you may need to rediscover the core of you.  One of the ways that many women do this is by getting a new haircut.  Relationship experts believe that the majority of men like women with long hair, so it is perhaps a natural reaction when you separate to cut off your hair as a metaphor for severing the relationship.

Get some control back after a break-up?

An alternative explanation for getting a new look is that it offers a way of regaining control of your life, and making a statement that is all about you, and nothing to do with your previous partner.  It is an outward sign that you are moving on.  When you are in a relationship, the tendency is to stick with what you know works, and maintain the image of yourself that first attracted your partner to you.  It is a sort of safety net, a way of reminding yourself of the look that has been proven to be attractive.  With your partner gone, your mind opens further to other possibilities.

Men do not seem to exhibit this need for visible change following a break-up, although some relationship experts have noted a trend in men visiting the gym more regularly after a split.  This may be because they have more time, or want to tone their bodies to attract a new partner.  For certain they will be going through similar emotional turmoil, so a change in behaviour such as this perhaps not surprising.

What do celebrities do after a break-up?

Celebrities, admittedly mainly women, are masters of the post-break-up beauty makeover idea.  A change will not always enhance your looks though, so it is important to consider what you are trying to achieve, and how vital the end result will be to your self-esteem.  Take Britney Spears – her break from Kevin Federline in 2007 prompted her bald look, which did little to boost the singer’s image, and was maybe more of a statement about how exposed the split left her feeling.  Even a new look cannot hide certain deep emotions.  Conversely, when singer Miley Cyrus sported a new do complete with new colour in the wake of her split from Nick Jonas, the result was a breath of fresh air.

New hair, new start

A new haircut or makeover is a very visible action that shares your desire to present a different you to the world.  There are other ways in which our behaviour changes post-break-up too.  Some people actively seek out new jobs, friends and leisure activities.  These assertions of independence can go a long way to boosting self-esteem, provided you feel comfortable doing them.  Putting yourself out of comfort zone is one thing, annihilating your self-confidence is quite another, so take care.

After a hair cut

Haircuts are a relatively safe way of making a change.  Even thinking about it can make you feel good, so invest in a few hair magazines and browse at home before your take the plunge.  Enjoy the process, and make it the right decision for you.  Who knows who you might bump into in the salon?!




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