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Dad and daughter activities

dad and daughter activities

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When it comes to daughter you may think you’ve got it covered by buying her pretty things and generally fending off boys, but actively engaging in fun activities with your little princess will strengthen the bond and make your time together far more exciting. So, if you can squirrel away a little time between texts then suggest you do something together and maybe you’ll find she’s just as keen on the idea as you are.

Getting outside

A great way to start is simply getting outdoors; go for a walk take in some sites, get away from the busy streets and out into the woods. It’s a great time to talk about things going on in her life and if she has an interest in Photography or Art then encourage her to get some decent pictures. Apart from all that the obvious health benefits are huge and you will both feel better.dad and daughter activities

If you have a dog then take the dog out together. Sticking with the healthy option, why not tryout some sports together, maybe tennis, or swimming, something competitive that will give you the chance to let her win and gain some massive brownie points.

Going to the cinema

Bite the bullet and take her to see a girly film, it may not have the gun fights and explosions you long for, but there is a strong possibility you will laugh and we all know laughing is good! She will appreciate the fact you’ve sacrificed your better judgment for her and it will be a talking point for later. If you have a younger girl then you could try a trip to a local farm? Since more and more farms are making their grounds accessible it can be fun for your little darling to see all the animals up close and get to stroke them, enjoy the atmosphere and let her run around freely taking in all the sites – some places even offer keeper experience days where you can learn all about how to care for the animals which would be a treasured memory.

Coffee’s out or a shopping trip

If you have a teenager then you could suggest going somewhere nice for a coffee or tea and then a little shopping trip, flash the cash and treat her to some new stuff.¬† You don’t have to spend the mortgage, just take an interest in what she likes, then chat about things over a warm drink. It may be your daughter likes music, if you’re lucky she’ll like bands and you can take her to see some awesome gigs either locally or in an arena, there are plenty of sites that offer calenders for shows or if she has posters on her wall then Google the name and see what you get. If you’re unlucky she’ll be into Justin Beiber or some similarly painful performer so get on the net and bag yourself a set of tickets and some ear plugs, sacrifice yourself on the alter of shame and she will love you for it.

Ultimately it’s about seeing her have fun, laughing and smiling and that in turn will be the biggest reward for you, so come on dad’s get in touch with your girly side and have some fun with the little lady of the house.



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