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Dad and son activites


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For men, bonding with your son is very high on the list of priorities, it’s almost second nature for us to want to see our sons develop and grow and become men in the way we did and hopefully learn the skills for life that will make them great fathers themselves one day. Taking time out to spend time with your son is a huge part of this bonding process but it can be hard to know what to do. Here are some ideas for Dad and son activites for you both to enjoy and spend some quality time together.

Getting muddy!

Getting muddy and dirty is as much a part of growing up as anything so whenever the opportunity presents itself why not get stuck in. Get yourself on the push bike and find some trails to ride, there are even places that have specially mapped out areas to ride, forget about everything and get covered in some dirt. The experience is healthy not just physically but also mentally and having a good laugh with your boy will make it very special.

Mountain biking

If mountain biking is too fast paced them why not try some outdoor pursuits like camping, fishing and bushcraft, if you are the kind of person who is happy to leave the comfort of home behind you and venture out then go for it and teach your son some skills like how to start a fire, how to find and prepare food and how to orientate yourself outdoors. If you aren’t that survival savvy then there are companies, such as Wood Lore, who will take parents and older children on camping expeditions.


Maybe camping is too much but you like being outside then go over the field and kick the football around, you don’t have to like football to get a little competitive with the boy and from a young age it will help him to develop coordination. There are lots of activities you can do outside, lots of games to play, and you don’t usually need to pay if you take time to look for the right places to go.

Games Consoles

dad and son activitesFor some people, a bit of bad weather can put a downer on outside activities, although in reality it makes them much better, however of you are the kind of man who is afraid to get a little wet then why not put the national geographic down for an hour an let the boy hammer you at a few games on the Xbox. With games consoles being an ever more prevalent part of children’s lives it can be great fun letting him teach you how to play, who knows you may even enjoy it.

DIY jobs

For a healthy indoor activity why not let your son get involved in that DIY job you’ve been putting off for months, teach him how to use the tools and how to do basic jobs around the house, it’ll help them in later life too. You can even cook together, a real man should know how to cook even basic food and enjoy the process of creating a meal not just for himself but for others to enjoy too. There are plenty of activities out there that will ultimately help your son when he goes off into the big wide world, learning whilst you play is the best way to get real skills



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