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Date nights


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Once the kids come along – as fabulous as they are – it’s easy to forget to make time for yourselves as a couple. If ‘quality time’ has become pizza and the soaps, it may be worth injecting some fun back into the relationship. And even if you haven’t forgotten to make time for each other, it’s often finding the time that is the problem. But if you do capture that rare moment, here are some ideas on how to make ‘date nights’ count.

Go clubbing

Okay so you may not be into your hard house music anymore and you might be put off your once favourite haunts for fear of bumping into gangs of scantily-clad teenagers – or worse still your own children! – but that doesn’t mean you have to become a hermit.

Many venues have special over 30s nights where you’ll get to show off your best moonwalk to some of your favourite old school tunes that will take you back to those carefree days.

Learn to dance

If you want to take those dance floor moves up a notch, then why not start a couples’ dance class? Thanks to various TV shows, dancing has grown in popularity and there is now a variety of classes in all manner of styles available up and down the country. Plenty offer classes for complete beginners if dancing is something either of you haven’t considered before.


If you fancy something a bit quieter, then alone time in the woods can be just as romantic as an intimate dinner for two. Many country parks offer tours, or you could just take a walk in the woods and see what you find.

Get some culture

date nightsNow that you’re of a certain age and probably have to get up early with the children, the idea of drinking the night away is possibly not appealing as it once was. Or even if it is, the chances are you will regret it long into Sunday afternoon or when the kids are jumping on your head the next morning. So why not get some culture instead?  Take the opportunity of some alone time to learn something new, take in a show or visit a museum or art gallery. You might be surprised and it will certainly give you something new to talk about.

Visit a vineyard

Or if drinking the night away is exactly what you fancy doing, exploring a winery is a good guilt-free way of doing it.

Playing a game

If getting out and about without the kids seems impossible, then uncorking a bottle of wine and getting an old board game out on a Friday evening is a great way to unwind after a busy and stressful week. It’ll help you to reconnect, let loose and have a good laugh together.


Throw out a blanket and have a romantic picnic, even if it’s just in the back garden. Just the two of you enjoying time together will be as good as any fine dining restaurant…well, almost.

Let’s get physical

If you’re struggling to find any time together at all, regardless of whether it’s out and about or even at home, then you could try to come together for some of the things you would normally do alone. For example, next time you’re doing that fitness video in the living room, why not ask your other half to join you? Not only will it get your competitive streaks going, but healthy competition also apparently cranks up the libido, so make sure you give them a run for your money!






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