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Day trip to the beach

trip to the seaside

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Day Trip to The Beach?

‘Oh we do like to be beside the seaside’ – lets face it, we all love a little paddle in the sea or soaking up the rays on the beach and while the UK might be a little ‘climately challenged’, on the days when we are blessed with beautiful weather, our beaches can be packed with families making the most of our coast lines. At one stage, we had neglected our beaches and you were more likely to be ensnared with plastic wrapping or swimming in sewage than enjoying a family day out. But we have cleaned up our act and our beaches in the process and now have some of the cleanest, award winning sandy retreats you could wish for,what could be better than a day trip to the beach.

day trip to the beach

Plan your trip

Whether you’re lucky to live near a beach or are a drive away, make sure you plan your trip to avoid disappointment or a trip cut short because you’ve forgotten towels or trunks. Take plenty of beach toys to keep the kids entertained. Buckets, spades, bats and balls, you can never have enough as kids get bored quickly. If you’re thinking about taking any inflatable toys for the water such as dinghy’s or rubber rings, make sure you have a rope securely attached to it which you can hold from shore, only stay in shallow waters and never ever leave children unsupervised near water. Make sure you have plenty of sun-cream and that you and the kids regularly apply it, even if it’s cloudy or windy. You want to remember your trip for the fun you had, not the sunburn you came back with.

Check out the facilities

When you arrive, find out where the nearest toilets are straight away. Kids are bound to need the bathroom at some point so save your time hunting out loos at the last minute and set up camp within a reasonable distance of them. Remember to bring sun loungers or towels to lay on as well as towels for the kids to dry themselves with. You can get some great towels for kids that act as clothing as well and have hoods and arms to keep them covered and warm. You should also remember to bring a change of clothes for kids too. Even though they might just want a little paddle with trouser rolled up or best intentions of only making sandcastles on the beach, chances are they will get mucky and uncomfortable with sand in every nook and cranny. Dads might also be grateful if there is more sand left at the beach than in the car so a change of clothes is essential!

day trip to the beach

Be prepared

If you’re heading to the beach with a baby or small children, try and take a chair with an umbrella or those pop up tents that are great for offering shade and giving little ones a quite time out place if they want and afternoon nap. Children can get dehydrated quickly in warm weather, especially if they are running about having fun, so make sure you take plenty of drinks to keep them topped up with fluids. Snacks like crisps, sandwiches, fruit or pretzels are quick and easy to take and if you have a cooler bag or box it’s the perfect time to dust it off. Try and avoid sticky or chocolate type snacks which will melt and make a mess.

Some of the best UK beaches can be found in Bournemouth, Devon, Cornwall, Blackpool, West Sussex, Northumberland, Norfolk and Pembrokeshire, so with such beauty on our coasts, day trips to the beach are perfect for all the family.




















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