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How to detox


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We’ve all heard about detox diets and how they flush out the toxins in your body, making you feel healthier and brighter. As a result of over-indulging in all the rich food over Christmas, if you’ve been thinking about detoxing, now is the perfect time! Here’s how to detox without starving yourself of essential nutrients:

Drink water

You may be tired of hearing how you should be drinking 2 litres of water a day but it really is essential if you want to flush out all the nasties in your body. You don’t need to overdo it, but six to eight glasses of water over the course of the day will keep your kidneys, liver, colon and other organs that filter waste out of the body, running smoothly and efficiently. A tip to tell if you’re drinking enough is that you should be able to wee every couple of hours and it should be fairly clear in colour.

Cut down on calories but not too much!

Most women need around 2000 calories a day to maintain weight and men around 2500. By cutting down to 1400 – 1600 calories you will still lose weight but have enough energy at the same time. Slash your calories to below 1200 and you run the risk of your body burning muscle instead of fat and you won’t be getting sufficient vitamins and minerals.

Always eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast will only make you hungrier later and tempt you into snacking or binging at lunch. Start the day with a healthy low fat, high fibre breakfast; porridge, oatmeal, greek yoghurt and berries or whole-wheat toast are great options.

Eat your greens

We aren’t talking about just a plate full of veg but green smoothies instead. Use vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and carrots, add in herbs and spices such as fresh basil, ginger or parsley and if you want to sweeten it, pop in half an apple or a peeled orange. Egg whites, plain yoghurt or soy milk will provide protein and all you need to do is whip it up in your blender. Each smoothie will contain around 300 calories so have two to three per day.

detox smoothie

Go green…again!

If the thought of veggie smoothies doesn’t appeal, you don’t have time to get the blender or you’re heading out on a date or lunch meeting, then still stick to your greens and add lean proteins such a skinless chicken, turkey or fish to your plate.

Healthy snacks

If you start to get food cravings then be sure you stick to healthy snacks and avoid sugary, high fat, high salt options. Plain popcorn, unsalted nuts, seeds and fruit are perfect and if you really can’t resist the urge for chocolate, then opt for a very small piece of dark chocolate rather than milk or white chocolate. If you’re bad for snacking, why not subscribe to Graze; the healthy snack boxes delivered direct to your door for under £4 each week.  Pick and choose which snacks you want to receive then choose which day(s) you want to receive your box(es). You even get your first box for free!

Cut out certain food groups

Detoxing is about flushing toxins from the body, so cut out all fizzy drinks including the diet sodas, refined sugars, white rice and white flour, high-fat meat and any dairy that isn’t plain, non-fat, yogurt or milk.

Stay on the move

Low level exercise is perfect for detoxing. It keeps the blood circulating, flushes out toxins and when you’re detoxing like this, you might not feel up to the high intensity work outs anyway.

The gluten debate

Although many opt for a gluten free diet when detoxing, many maintain that gluten found in whole grains can help you detox by removing cholesterol built up, so aim for two small portions a day.

Remember, if you’re planning on drastically changing your diet, have any medical conditions or are unsure whether detoxing is right for you, always check with your GP.

Happy detoxing!



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