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Diets to your doorstep: Do weight loss meal delivery schemes work?


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Our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles often leave us with little time to freshly prepare and cook healthy, diet-friendly meals. As a result, we tend to grab food on the go, skip meals or opt for shoving a ten minute pizza in the oven at the end of a long day. However, more and more of us are starting to sign up to schemes that deliver healthy, balanced meals to help you lose weight, direct to your door – no need to scour the supermarkets, read the calorie content or slave away over a hot stove! But would this diet option work for you?

What is a diet delivery service?

Just as ‘meals on wheels’ have been delivering ready-made meals to those that cannot make their own, ready-made diet delivery services are quickly catching on in the UK. You can usually select from various options and customise your meals based on food preference, dietary requirements and budget. Once your options are selected by either ordering online or over the phone, your weight loss meals are then delivered to you either ready-made gourmet style or in kit form for you to put together. The meals are specifically designed to aid with weight loss with the supplier having to worry about all the calorie counting, portion sizes and nutrition planning.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies between suppliers, but on average, you can be paying anything between £5 to £50 per day depending on which services and options you pick. Opt for the frozen ready meals or kit style menu and you will pay less – go for gourmet style meals with all your daily snacks included and pay more.


Will I really lose weight?

Weight loss, no matter what diet you go on, will always depend on the individual and results will vary dependent on age, starting weight, calorie allowance and exercise. Some diet delivery services claim to enable you to lose up to 4lbs per week, but realistically, you shouldn’t be aiming to lose more than 2lbs per week in the long term; anything more and it probably won’t be the safest or healthiest way of losing weight and more importantly, keeping it off!

What are the advantages of diet delivery services?

Convenience is the biggest advantage of these services; no need to go shopping, plan your meals, think of new and exciting recipes or be tempted by the wrong type of foods. Therefore, you’re more likely to stick to the diet and as a result, lose weight.

Many services offer phone consultations to keep you motivated or help you deal with events that can result in your diet going out the window, such as weddings, Christmas, meals out etc.

Are there any disadvantages?

Cost! These aren’t cheap and you’re paying a premium for the convenience they provide. They’re also mainly aimed at individuals so if you’re trying to feed a family or entertaining guests, it may make life a little difficult.

Because all the meals are pre-prepared, you won’t learn for yourself about nutrition, portion control or healthy foods which will be essential to maintain a healthy, balanced diet for the future. As a result of this, once you stop using the diet delivery services, you may find the weight creeps back on – they can also take some of the fun out of cooking your own meals too!

These diet delivery programmes don’t take into account any exercise you undertake, so if you’re planning on doing lots of exercise in one day and therefore need additional food to fuel your body, you my just have to guess what extra may be required!

Are diet delivery schemes any good for me?

Before undertaking any drastic change in your diet, if you have a large amount of weight to lose or have existing medical conditions, always seek advice from your GP first. Deciding which diet would suit you is a personal choice based on your health, lifestyle, willpower, activity level and budget, but if you like the idea of having your diet delivered to your door, then check out some of the available options and enjoy!

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