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DIY courses for women

DIY courses for women

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Is your home looking a little frayed around the edges? Perhaps it is in need of a little love and attention in the form of some fresh paint or wallpaper. Perhaps your bathroom is still rocking the lovely pastel enamel suite and matching tiles that were the height of fashion when your house was built… a few years ago. Or perhaps your family is bursting through the seams of your house and an extension is in order. Whatever you want to get done, rather than searching through the phone book for an advert that catches your eye, why not consider trying DIY courses for women!

Sense of achievement

DIY may be a scary prospect if you feel like you know nothing about it or if you have always depended on someone else to do things around the house. However, if (like me) you and your partner are equally as useless at fixing and building things, then perhaps it is time to get on with it for yourself. Even if you have a DIY expert in the house, learning a new skill is good for you brain and can be a great way to get a sense of achievement.

Increasing numbers of women are stepping away from the phone book and towards the classroom when things need doing around the house. DIY is a great way to get things done quickly and cheaply, especially in the wake of the recession and subsequent need to cut back on spending out wherever possible.

DIY courses for women

DIY courses for womenThere are many courses on offer to help women hone their skills to do specific jobs, including decorating, tiling, plastering and bricklaying. There are also more general courses on offer such as DIY tool use and home maintenance. Have a look online to find courses close to you and see what comes up. If you are near Manchester, try The DIY School (www.thediyschool.co.uk), Chix & Mortar http://www.chixandmortar.co.uk/ or pop in to your local B&Q to see which workshops they have on offer.

Handy around the home

DIY is great for tidying up your home and these courses are perfect for women simply looking to know how to do jobs to a reasonable standard for themselves. However, once you start there is a chance you will catch the bug and not want to stop there! Indeed a rising number of women are taking their DIY skills to the next level and starting their own business as a handywoman or in a more specific trade such as plumbing.

Building a career

If you call the local bricklayer or joiner, you may not expect to have a woman turn up on your doorstep. However, many women who have decided to start a business in these areas find that their customers really like having a woman coming to do the job. Some find that their customers appreciate a woman’s more delicate approach to tricky jobs, or their tendency to be a bit more tidy than some workmen.

Whether you want to start a new business or freshen up your home, DIY courses are a great way to improve your skills so why not look into it today and see what you can do?








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