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DIY money saving tips

DIY money saving tips

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We all know that dabbling in DIY can save you £££, compared with paying for a tradesperson. But did you know that HOW you DIY can save you money too? Smart home improvement enthusiasts know the tricks of the Do-It-Yourself trade. We’ve compiled our Top 5 Tips from their bank of knowledge here for you. So before you break out the dust sheets and make a start this weekend, be sure to bear the following points in mind and make sure your DIY dabble is a dazzling success.

Take Advice

Many DIY tasks looks simple, yet few are as easy as they appear when done by a pro. I speak from experience here, as my other half makes a living transforming people’s ideas into amazing results with apparently little effort. But, behind that are many thousands of hours of trial and error, training, experience and research. It can take me an entire day to tackle a simple DIY task that will take him minutes (if I can ever pin him down to do it!). So – DIY stores are littered with straightforward, helpful advice leaflets. Use them! They are effectively providing expert advice for FREE. To ignore this is plain daft if you are new to a particular DIY project.

Hold off on the Tool Investment

Many among us just love the idea of shiny new tools to play with. But be realistic about your DIY intentions – how often are you really going to dust off that top-of-the-range DeWalt drill and use it? Perhaps a cheaper model would do for now, for more obscure tools it may be more cost effective in the long run to hire them. If you must buy tools you’re unlikely to use often, opt for reliable budget brands, or search on eBay or at car boot sales for second-hand bargains, saving your money for other parts of the project.

Shop Around

DIY money saving tipsYour local DIY warehouse may seem like the ideal one-stop-shop for the materials for your project, but beware: like all retail giants they woo you through the door with eye-catching prices on key items, then make their money on the additional extras you will need. Local pound stores can often provide the nuts and bolts (perhaps literally?) stuff you need even cheaper than the big stores. It pays to shop around if you are on a tight budget.

And don’t rule out smaller independent stores, they may have special one-off deals or end of line specials to tempt you – the quality may be better than some of the products from the big retailers, but the price comparable. eBay and Gumtree are also worth a look – people often over-buy materials, you may be able to snap up a few bargains to help keep your budget on track.

Get Clever with the Carpet

If you are remotely handy, you could have a go at fitting underlay for your new carpet yourself. It’s not a tricky job; the materials can often be picked up at a fraction of the price that your carpet supplier will offer. Any mistakes you make will be hidden by the carpet the pros lay on top. Grab an advice booklet from a DIY store, or surf online for a ‘How to’ video. You may surprise yourself with your skill.

Preparation is Everything

Even the cheapest materials can be made to look like a million dollars, if used and applied correctly onto surfaces and environments that have been properly cleaned and prepared. Similarly, don’t make the beginner’s mistake of diving in before you are really ready. Have all your materials to hand. Double check any measurements before cutting anything. Cover up items and surfaces that may get damaged by dust or spillages. And TAKE YOUR TIME. You only want to do this once, so prepare well, buy smart and give it your very best shot.






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