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DIY pedicure

DIY pedicure

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When the sun comes out its time to bare those toes ladies. Not always a welcome proposition when they have been squished into shoes for months, but fear not – giving yourself a diy pedicure at home is a cheap, simple, and effective way of making the most of your ten tiniest assets. Here’s how to make them sparkle:

Pedicure essentials:

• Large bowl or tub

• Bath oil or bubble bath and Epsom salts

• Fluffy towel

• Nail file and clippers

• Pumice stone, foot file and cuticle stick

• Nail polish remover

• Foot cream/moisturiser, cuticle oil, and foot scrub

• Cotton pads, pedi-pad or cotton balls

• Base coat and colour nail polish

Getting started

1: Remove old colours

Cleanse away any remnants of old nail polish before you start, to give yourself a fighting chance of creating a salon-fresh pedicure look.

2: Soak your toes

Fill a large bowl with warm water, add your choice of bath soak and a sprinkling of Epsom salts. Dip your feet in – and relax. Ten minutes is long enough to soften the skin and cuticles without making your feet go wrinkly.

3: Tend to your cuticles

Remove one foot at a time from the tub and dry carefully with your fluffy towel. Using your cuticle stick, gentle massage a drop of cuticle oil around your toenail, focusing on the cuticle. As it softens, gentle push back the dead skin. Then sink it back into the tub while you tend to the other foot.

4: Exfoliate

DIY pedicureAlthough often overlooked, this part of a pedicure helps to soften any rough areas of skin, and feels divine. Again one foot at a time, remove from the soaking tub and massage your chosen foot scrub all over your foot and up to your ankle for several minutes. When done, rinse off the scrub in your tub. For that extra-special touch place a damp towel in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and use it to clean your feet completely. It feels like heaven.

5: Buff it up

Your feet take a daily battering, so it’s no surprise that hard calluses form, especially on the balls of the feet and on the heel. Using the pumice stone and/or foot file, carefully smooth any hard areas of skin, being careful not to break the skin. Calluses protect the foot from damage, so although they can be unsightly they need to be treated with respect, and simply smoothed over.

6: Moisturise

Rubbing your feet with a rich foot cream or moisturiser is the perfect way to help maintain the softness and hydration that your feet have enjoyed in the tub.

7: Time to trim

Use your nail clippers to trim your toenails to the shape you want. Curved clippers are easy to use, and one snip along the top, followed by one either side at around 45 degrees should give your nails a pleasing shape.

8: File them smooth

Be careful when filling your nails (hand and toe) to only apply strokes in one direction – from the sides in towards the centre of the nail. A back-back-and-forth sawing motion can weaken your nails. Aim for a soft-square shape, with curved corners.

9: Prep and Polish

Use the nail polish remover again to lightly remove any remaining moisturiser or oils that may prevent your nail polish from sticking properly. Apply a base coat first, then two coats of your favourite shade, and finish with a top coat to really make the application solid and long-lasting. Leave at least two minutes between each coat.

10: Clean up

Keeping your nail-care tools clean will make them easier to use next time around and, more importantly, will limit any risk of infection that may spread later via lingering specks of dirt. Look after your kit, and your DIY Home Pedicure career will last for many years to come.
Now go strut your stuff in the sun with confidence!



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