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Dry Shampoo – A Parents Secret Weapon

Dry Shampoo - A Parents Secret Weapon

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Any parent who has wrestled with a small child over hair-washing would give a lot for a simple hair cleaning solution that doesn’t involve water. Some kids simply don’t like it and boy, do they make their feelings known! It’s never a nice feeling to put your child through a regular routine that so obviously causes them distress, so in this instance dry shampoo could be just the lifeline you need. Likewise, for busy parents that don‚Äôt have the luxury of blowdrying their hair every day, dry shampoo could become your new best friend!

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo has in fact been around for decades, centuries even. But since the hair-care gurus of modern times started to implore us to give our hair a break from the daily round of chemical bashing it has attracted renewed interest. In essence, it is a shampoo that is, well, dry. It works by using the oils in your hair and scalp as a form of moisture, and the theory is that in applying it like a traditional shampoo (just without the water) it will make you hair look and feel as if it has just been washed.

How do you Use It?

It usually comes as liquid in a spray form, or as a powder. It is, in itself, a mix of various chemicals such as conditioning agents, solvents, and absorbing agents. The difference is that it doesn’t penetrate the hair and scalp in the same way as traditional hair wash products, and so ‘going dry’ gives your head a break. Those who have used it recommend that whichever type you go for you select one that is a close match to the hair colour on which you are applying it. There have been a few complaints that it can leave behind a white residue.

When Should I Use It?

Dry Shampoo - A Parents Secret WeaponIt’s pretty much universally acknowledged that dry shampoo is less effective than wet washing with your normal products. As such, experts recommend that you use it a means of keeping your hair looking fresh between washes, allowing the length of time between wet washing to be extended. For fraught parents of little ones who really fear or despise the wet wash this could ease the burden greatly.

How Much is It?

As with normal shampoo the price range of dry shampoos on the market varies greatly. If you search online for ‘dry shampoo’ you’ll soon get a feel for what’s available. There are some well known reputable brands offering dry shampoo for just a few pounds. The reviews seem reasonable, so it would seem that it’s definitely worth a try.

Be Chemical Free

Dry Shampoo - A Parents Secret WeaponAs always with little ones it’s wise to do a patch test for any new chemical you are using on their skin before applying the product properly. Little heads can be far more sensitive than big ones. If you would prefer to be chemical-free then there are organic versions available, made from all-natural ingredients.

Does it Work?

Well this is the big question. General opinion seems to suggest that as a stop-gap between ‘proper’ washes it’s great. Use it at the gym to freshen up after a workout, or on a busy morning to inject some life into ruffled bed-hair. But as a long-term solution, or a treatment ahead of a big date or important interview … perhaps not. Go wet. For the kiddies it should be fine to use periodically, just not the day before the school photo. And for older kids beware the dreaded white residue. No-one wants to be that kid.





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