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Easy Tips On Being Happy

Easy Tips On Being Happy

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In light of the International Day of Happiness. At theworkingparent.com we’ve decided to make everyday a happy day. We all want to be happy or happier, it’s part of our purpose as human beings.

It’s also better for your health, numerous studies have demonstrated that people how are happy or in a happy relationship life long. Happiness has such an impact on our bodies it can actually affect how many years we’re alive for. When you think of happiness like that, it all of a sudden highlights just how important it is to be happy.

Being happy is something I believe you need to be proactive with. It’s a continuous relationship with yourself that needs to be looked after and nurtured. This is something I’ve practiced for a long time and on the whole I’m a happy person.

I going to share a few techniques with you which have worked for me. Reading these techniques is the first step and it’s a great step, well done!

Easy Tips On Being Happy

‘Fake it till you make it’

We’ve all heard of this saying, it’s usually applied to those in the creative industry. But apply it to yourself and you’ll notice the difference.

I’ve found that pretending to be happy has actually snapped me out of sadness or a low mood I’m in. Then I forget I’m ‘faking’ happiness and actually feel happy. Sometimes you just have to put your low mood to one side and get on with things.

Just Smile

This is something I heard about as a teenager and practise till this day. Smiling thankfully is a involuntary and a voluntary action. Meaning you can make yourself smile just by moving your mouth. By doing this, you sort of fool your body into thinking you are happy and once again you actually begin to feel happy.

If you’re somewhere private then just smile from ear to ear. Please try it NOW! Just sit there smiling and you’re body will change and your mood will change to that of a happier state. I you promise this works.

If you’re out and about or just feel a tad self conscious about this then just do a mini smile. Slightly lift either side of your mouth. So it’s like a slightly lifted straight face. I do this when I work, I find myself with hunching over my laptop with a super serious face a lot and just snap myself out of it. You’ll probably have to do this a lot but practise dose become habit.

Sit and Stand Up Straight

Another one I find easy to do but you’ll be surprised how often we all slouch and don’t stand up properly. Firstly, not sitting and standing straight causes back pain, that in itself is reason for a low mood or unhappiness. Think about how you’re treating your body and how your body is feeling.

Another reason why I’m against slouching or not standing up with your head high and shoulders back is because of the vibes your sending out. If someone isn’t standing straight I can’t help but think they may be nervous, insecure or even timid. If you’re in school or an environment around a lot of people others can pick up on this and see you as an easy target. Thus, not creating happiness for yourself.

Slouching, is my pet hate, I have to tell my fiance not to slouch all the time. Beyond the back and neck pain it can create, it looks so lazy.

Think about how you feel when you slouch, do you feel good?

Sitting up straight is another really small thing you can do to lift your mood. Please practise sitting and standing straight it really can have a positive impact on your mood and make you feel happier.

I’ve stuck to my 3 favourite and easy tips for happiness. I really could mention a million things but sometimes too much information is overwhelming and it’s hard to do so many things, especially when you don’t feel great.

But everyone can pretend to be in a happy mood, sit and stand straight and smile. Just do those 3 things and I promise you will feel happier.







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