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Ebay money saving tips – bag a bargain!

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If you’ve ever tried selling something on eBay you’ll know that there’s quite alot to it; they didn’t come up with the eBay University for nothing, but as a buyer rather than a seller you can get some incredible deals without having to go through the rigmarole of learning how to present your wares in the most spectacular fashion:

Pick up in person?

If you opt only for items where the seller has insisted that you pick up your purchase in person then you’ll have a lot less bidders to compete with. It stands to reason that insisting on collecting in person means the seller will only generally get local bidders, which typically means around 5 percent of eBay’s UK audience, if that.

You can also pick out auctions that are not attracting many bids, by using external resources like Lastminute Auction. This site tracks eBay bids and automatically flag up items that are still going for less than a £1 with under an hour to go before the auction ends.

Online shopping

Other external tools can come in handy, too: Goofbid.com will bid on your behalf within the last few seconds, allowing you to get that all-important bid in and save you the distress of losing out because your web connection wasn’t good enough, or you simply didn’t win the Fast Finger First challenge.

A similar idea can be found at BayCrazy, who will automatically search out bids that are due to end at antisocial hours when most potential buyers are tucked up in bed.

Sites like these may require you to hand over your eBay password, though, so be careful and don’t use an eBay password that’s remotely similar to any other passwords you use.

eBay negatives?

Lots of eBay buyers, however, simply don’t enjoy the bidding process. We’re not all natural auction room enthusiasts after all, which is why it’s often preferable to purchase an item that has a Buy it

Now listing. Often, though, potential buyers are put off because the prices of these items are just too much. You go on eBay to get bargains, after all – so why pay a substantial premium to avoid having to bid? Actually you don’t have to: Many of these types of sellers are chancing their arm, hoping for a bite on products that they don’t desperately need to sell off – but if you politely offer them a lower price you won’t be breaking the rules, and there’s every possibility they’ll accept your offer. To do this you’ll need to contact the seller and click ‘Ask a question’. It’s easy.

Whilst we’re on the subject of contacting sellers, you may want to try doing this if a reserve price has been set: This is when an item has to reach a seller-defined minimum amount for the auction to be valid so, for example, you may see a plasma TV for sale starting at £100, marked as having a reserve price. The reserve price is £400 but you’re not told that – only that there’s a reserve.

However, this may mean that the reserve is never met and the auction will end in disappointment for the seller – which is not what they will want, so why not ask them what the reserve is? They may tell you to get lost, but once in a while you’ll find out and win an auction with the minimum possible winning bid.

Contacting sellers and getting a little cheeky with them, whilst using some handy external bidding tools are just two ways to get the most from eBay, and a great a place to start expanding your repertoire of tricks on this amazing website.



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