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Educational and learning presents

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Thinking about Christmas already? What do we buy the kids for Christmas this year? It’s always a tricky one and not always easy.

Looking at the latest trends on the market is all well and good but some of these toys and gifts are just not educational? The peer pressure children have to get the latest computer games, the new trainers, the mobile phone or tablet is great but teaching your child with educational gifts will bring hours of fun while learning in the process.

Here are a few Idea’s for buying educational and learning presents that your child will enjoy.

Metal detectors

Becoming Treasure Hunters will keep children busy, entertained, and interested in history and the environment as they start recovering relics, coins, jewellery and interesting artefacts.

Take them to the beach, the park or just your back garden metal detecting is a family friendly hobby, and can make a great day trip out.



Telescopes are a great way to teach your child about the night sky and the solar system. It doesn’t matter what age your child is stargazing is fun and also educational. There are all kinds of telescopes on the market designed for specific ages, you may want to try a telescope that children can use to look at the stars and wildlife too, they will have hours of fun checking out the stars in the sky and the birds in the garden.

Solar powered robot

This is a great idea for children who are interested in building things and how they work. Some of the model kits you can buy allow you to change the configuration enabling your child to design his/her very own solar powered robot, quite unique!


The first Meccano kit was developed in 1898 by Frank Hornby, today Meccano is making a huge comeback. Meccano is strips of metal which are fixed together with rivets to make construction, models and mechanical devices. Children will enjoy making lots of fantastic things while using their imagination and creativity.


Children love to be creative.shutterstock_86053897 Learning how to make things creates lots of fun and builds confidence in your child’s abilities. There are lots of different crafts around for your children to enjoy, Jewelery making, sewing, casting and painting sets, woodworking for kids, the list goes on but you can guarantee your child will spend hours making their crafts.

Nature Kits

Children naturally love being outside and as parents we encourage our children as much as possible to spend time outside in the garden, what better way to encourage your child than with a nature kit. These kits are for varying ages so most children can be involved. Children will look at the pictures in the kit and try and find where these creatures and bugs live, learn about them and their habitat and also collect some to view(under supervision of course!).Children are fascinated with nature so encouraging them to explore is the perfect way to learn.


Gone are the days of the little triangle kites that we used to have that spent more time on the ground or in a hedge, kite flying today is a great deal of fun for all the family to enjoy. The bonus of kite flying is the exercise factor for both your child and you! Children love to spend hours flying kites and learn great control and coordination too. Choosing the right kite for your child is not difficult there are lots of websites and shops that would be happy to help you choose correctly. Happy flying!

Children love to learn and if you can make it fun and interesting them they will love these educational gifts.



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