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Entering competitions

entering competitions

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Entering competitions- can it really be an occupation?

I started entering competitions online back in January 2010. My friends and family thought that I was wasting my time at first as they believed that no one really actually won competitions. How wrong they were! I decided that I would dedicate a few hours every day to surfing the Internet and entering as many competitions as I possibly could. At first I only won small things such as DVD’s or packets of sweets but things were about to get better, much better.

June 2010 came and so did a brand new HTC mobile phone in my delivery box, I was ecstatic as this was the biggest thing I had ever won at that point in time. July 2010 was better, a 32” TV, Xbox game, box of crisps and a crate of beer arrived from winning just one competition! The very same month I won a haul of beauty goodies with a £200 cheque attached. At this stage my friends and family thought it was just beginners luck and that I wouldn’t win anything else.

A couple of months later I received a phone call, the caller explained that a slogan I had though up had just won me a cool £1000, I was jumping around the room with glee and really could not believe what was happening. I started to realise that it was not beginners luck, all I needed to do was be in it to win it!

The next month arrived and my luck was about to get even better, not only had I won £100, a digital camera and sweets but I had an important telephone call. The call was from no other than ITV! I was just sitting by my laptop when my phone rang, I was told my competition entry the fortnight before had just netted me a staggering £15,000! To say I was shocked was an understatement! My nephew was running around the house squealing whilst I sat quietly in shock. The big cheque landed on my doormat the following day, the cheque was quickly banked of course.

entering comprtitions

By Christmas 2010 my competition wins totalled a huge £22,000. My prizes ranged from cash, vouchers, gadgets, toys, mobiles, games consoles and much more. All of my toy prizes were passed on to my nephews and nieces who were delighted with my hobby. At this point everyone I knew wanted to enter competitions. My sister has been quite successful but not as lucky as me, her biggest win was a £5000 TV and gadget package.

2011 wasn’t as big in prize wins, but I still managed to total up almost £10,000 by Christmas, which was pretty amazing still.

I started the new year of 2012 off true to form with a hotel stay prize plus £200 spending money. February saw the arrival of more toys for the kids and as the months passed by I was getting prizes arriving with no notifications of me even winning them. The most exciting win in 2012 was £200 worth of Euromillions tickets, checking them was so much fun but sadly I only managed to win £40. By Christmas not only had I won a Paris trip, which included Eurostar travel and a Moulin Rouge theatre show, but I had also been to Vienna and Lanzarote all expenses paid of course thanks to my comping hobby.

2013 has been great so far, I have won 2 iPad Mini’s within a fortnight of each other, I was happy to pass these on to my nephew and dad. I have also so far this year won Boots vouchers, Amazon vouchers, kids toys, gadgets and clothes. I had a terrific win the last day of January though. On Wednesday the 30th January at 7pm I had a telephone call, it was Absolute Radio! They liked my competition entry and informed me that I would be going head to head live on air the following morning. The prize in question was a New York City trip on Virgin Airlines with spending money. I didn’t sleep a wink all night; a New York trip has always been a dream of mine. When 9am came I was terrified, I needed to read out my competition recipe entry live on the radio: “The Salted Kat”. My recipe was ready salted crisps in a malted bread sandwich with pieces of broken Kitkat chocolate! Sounds dreadful but it is actually rather nice.

The radio hosts asked us to read out all of our entries live on air, whichever recipe they liked best would be the winner and would mean the creator would be jetting off to New York City. My heart was pounding when they announced me as the winner, I just wanted to cry but I was so shocked I couldn’t speak! I’m now in the process of organising my trip to New York, the prize includes flights, hotel and meals so no expense spared.

Recently I have won more vouchers, gadgets and toys and while I type this I have just been told I have won another £100 in Amazon vouchers. I love my hobby and will always continue to enter competitions.

My top tips for entering competitions would be:

1)      Dedicate a certain amount of time per day or week to entering competitions and stick to it. If you enter far too many in one go chances are you will get bored and stop altogether.

2)      Only enter for things you want or you will be disappointed when a small or unwanted prize turns up.

3)      Keep a record of all of your prizes, it’s great to see what you have won and when.






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