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Extra Ways To Save Energy In The Home

Extra Ways To Save Energy In The Home

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Saving the planet sounds like a virtuous endeavour and if we can ease our own financial burden in the process then all the better. There are many ways to save energy in the home, and the less you consume, the less you pay. What’s not to like? Here are 6 proven ways to start saving energy in the home.

Improve the insulation in your home

I admit that until about 5 years ago I was totally sceptical about how effective improved insulation could be. Then, during the course of renovating our home we systematically installed fresh insulation throughout the property. And honestly, our heating bills have halved. If you have the opportunity to improve the insulation anywhere in your home then I would strongly recommend you do it.

Be appliance-aware

The appliances in our homes need replacing relatively regularly, so each time you find yourself shopping for a new TV, washing machine, fridge, or any other energy-hungry white good take a moment to pause … and look for those which are classed and rated as energy efficient. You may pay a little more up-front for these items, but will save over their lifetime of use. And that’s another thing – overuse of appliances can rack up your energy bills. Don’t overfill you kettle, keep heating to a minimum, switch things off instead of leaving them on standby. Save where you can.

Give Solar panels a whirl

If you can afford the initial outlay solar panels can be a great investment. Although they are a little costly to install they start paying for themselves right away, and can in some cases even produce energy that you can sell back to the energy companies to make a few quid. They are a worthwhile investment if you are planning to stay in your current home for some time in order to benefit after the payback period.

Whittle down your Water consumption

Most homeowners leave their water heaters on a setting that makes their hot water almost too hot to touch. While this may feel lovely when you are pouring a steaming bath, it’s really not necessary. Heating water takes an inordinate amount of energy, and reducing the thermostat setting will reduce the amount you use, and can still produce perfectly hot water for all your needs. More moderately heated water coupled with slow-flow taps and showers can save you £££.

Get an Energy Efficiency Audit

Extra Ways To Save Energy In The HomeArmed with the right tools for the job an energy auditor can come into your home and quickly identify where you can make real savings on your energy consumption. They can also recommend solutions you may consider investing in to further reduce your energy consumption, and draw your attention to areas where you may not even have been aware you were using energy at all

Landscape wisely

In summer the heat can cause cooling appliances like fridges and freezers to work hard. In winter, wind and rain lash at the exterior of your home and test your windows, doors and insulation to the max. A little clever landscaping in the garden can, over time, help to reduce the effects of the weather. A few carefully placed trees can provide much-needed shade in the summer. These, along with dense hedging, can also act as an efficient wind and rain-break in the winter.



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