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Fast Food Gadgets


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Ready meals: Quick, convenient, but let’s be honest – usually disappointing. If you are depressed by the thought of rounding off your busy day with something bland from the microwave, take a look at these fast food gadgets. They can help you make real food, fast.

Pressure cookers

They may take a little practice, but once you get the hang of a pressure cooker, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. They last for years, and those bits and bobs which do wear out are cheap enough to replace. Best of all, they turn out delicious, nutritious food in no time. You can cook a whole chicken or a joint of beef in half an hour, and soups, sauces and stews in minutes. The high temperature steam method of cooking enhances flavours, preserves nutrients and tenderises meat. Expect this to be a life-long relationship.

Slow cookers

If you are good at planning in advance and reasonably organised in the mornings, one of these will be perfect for you. All you need is a few minutes early in the day to organise the raw ingredients and start the cooking off, and the slow cooker will do the rest for you. When you fall through the door exhausted, dinner’s already done. There’s nothing left to do but pour the wine.

 slow cooker food gadgetFood processors

A good processor will slice, dice, chop and generally take care of the boring, time consuming jobs, leaving you to get on with more interesting culinary tasks. Food processors are not cheap, but the best ones have an amazing array of functions for you to play around with. Some can even mix and knead, so that even the most harried parent can manage a little home baking and enjoy that Domestic Goddess feeling once in a while.

Bread maker

Talking of Domestic Goddess moments, baking your own bread really is the ultimate achievement in that category. Whilst we all love the idea of freshly baked bread, the reality involves a lot of work including all that tedious kneading. A bread machine will do the mixing and the baking for you and will fill your house with that exquisite fresh baked aroma. The best machines even have integrated scales to make the fiddly weighing part easier. Just find five minutes to bung it all in and the rest is foolproof.

Convection microwave oven

Yes, we are aiming to avoid the microwave here, but we must make an exception for this superior machine. It can bake, brown, crisp, and even grill, producing food that can looks so much more appealing than the conventional microwave fare. You can still get your meal fast, but it will look edible too.

Automatic soup maker

Nothing says home cooking like home made soup. But who has time for all that dicing, not to mention the hours of simmering that follow, with you being required to hang about in the kitchen keeping a watchful eye on the pan? Of course you can use your food processor followed by your pressure cooker followed by a hand blender. But if even that is beginning to feel like too much of an undertaking, soup fanatics can invest in one of these instead. It will do the whole job for you, chopping, pureeing and then cooking your ingredients to produce a perfect soup, while you put your feet up. Or more likely, supervise bath time while simultaneously running around with the vacuum cleaner.

And if you have more money to spend…

If you are able to invest a little more, there are plenty of other options. A frozen drinks maker might seem like one for the children, but remember that it can make short work of cocktails, too. A grind and brew espresso machine takes care of both stages in producing the perfect cup of coffee. Or you can even invest in an instant hot water dispenser, which will provide a constant supply of hot water – for anyone who is actually too busy to boil a kettle.

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