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Fear of flying

fear of flying

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Fear of flying

Holidays as a family are great, enjoying the sun in a beautiful, all-inclusive hotel, with no worries in the world except what you’re going to drink next, but for many the start of the holiday can be the most stressful experience with the fear of flying being involved.

Step one

The basics may sound fairly obvious but lets just make sure, sleepy kids can be grumpy kids so make sure your child gets plenty of shut-eye before you travel, use all your skills to make sure they are not tired. Also try and make sure they are well fed and have plenty to drink, that will take away the ‘mummy I’m hungry/thirsty’ complaint and make life a little easier for you. The fear of planes itself may come from a variety of areas, it may be the noise, it may be all the people, it may be the fact that your child doesn’t understand how this massive metal machine full of people will stay in the sky, whatever the reason it’s best to address it in the terminal and find the root cause of the problem.

fear of flying

Step Two

For most situations, try sitting down with your child and discussing the journey, where you are going, what you will be doing, what they can have as a reward for being so good on the plane, and maybe talking to them briefly about what a plane does and how it does it. Watching the planes taking off and landing can be fun for them too, seeing how they do what they do can ease tensions that may be building, maybe even talking to the flight staff and introducing them to your child can make them aware that he/she is tense and may need some reassurance.

Another way of preparing your child for a flight is to get them a book to look at when you are home in the days before your journey, there are some great children’s books about flying, for example, “My First Airplane Ride” by Patricia Hubbell or “Going On A Plane” by Anne Civardi, both are well illustrated and funny, remembering the story may help them with their anxiety.

Step Three

Once on the plane the key is comfort, if your child has a favourite pillow or blanket then be sure to bring it, make sure they are in comfortable clothes like joggers with layers you can take off or put on depending on the temperature of the plane. Lastly, reassure them, play with them, encourage them to look out of the window and you will find that they will associate flying with pleasant memories and hopefully the fear will start to go, don’t get stressed if they throw a tantrum on the plane, ride it out and let them calm down, try to take their mind off of it with a toy, a drink or some play. Now, enjoy your holiday.



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