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Finding a good hairdresser


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Let’s face it ladies, if your hair isn’t right, nothing is, and finding a good hairdresser who can cut and colour your hair just the way you like it, is more important than the make up and clothes put together. But how exactly do you go about finding a good hairdresser? It doesn’t have to be a series of trial and error; you can find a good hairdresser without putting your locks at risk.

Ask away!

To find a good hairdresser, you really just need to be aware. If any of your friends and family have hair to die for, ask them where they go.  If you’re feeling really brave you could even go as far as to ask strangers how they get their mane to look so fine.  Remember women love compliments!

How much?

It’s absolutely vital to check out the prices of the services provided.  If you’re looking for a cut and full head of colour, but can only afford a wash and blow, it won’t be sustainable.  It won’t matter that you’ve found the perfect salon if you can’t afford a shampoo there, let alone highlights and a trim. Prices from salon to salon vary wildly and ideally you want to be getting your hair cut every 6 – 8 weeks so make sure it’s within what you can afford.

Avoid cheap cuts

A budget chop can be tempting, but remember you only get what you pay for. Not every budget salon is this way of course, but generally the more realistically priced salons will give you the best treatment.


If you have found a few stylists you like, but still aren’t completely sure that you’ve met your match, ask for a consultation. Most hairdressers offer free consultations and you can go on your lunch break. Don’t stop at just one consultation; check out several different hairdressers in your area! At a consultation, you can ask your stylist what services she offers, her rates, the products and techniques she uses, and get an overall feel for her personality.

Give Them a Chance…

finding a good hairdresserOnce you’ve narrowed down to your potential two or three salons and its time to give one of them a whirl, start off with just a cut to see how you get on.  If you like what they’ve done, you can move on to colour with your next appointment.  Remember to mention that you are trialing them, that way they’ll give you the best haircut they can.

It’s important to point out that you should never feel obligated to your hairdresser. If it’s the first time you have visited a salon, and you hate your cut or color, don’t feel obligated to return! In fact, don’t feel obligated to feign delight. Gently and kindly point out what you are not satisfied with, and ask the stylist to fix it. If you don’t trust her with your hair anymore, leave quietly and go somewhere to have it fixed.

Stick with what you know!

It’s important to remember, when you find a hairdresser that cuts your hair well, don’t cheat on them with other stylists! Often the ‘other woman’ can completely go against the grain of the original cut, leaving you feeling that it’s just ‘not quite right’.  NEVER EVER cut your own hair, DIY jobs just mean you end up going to the salon anyway for ‘damage limitation’.

You’ve seen the salon, checked out the stylists, now you might want to consider chatting with one or two clients. I do this on Facebook, reading comments and wall posts, but feel free to do it in person, too. I have had the same hairdresser for the last 20 years, and our relationship has evolved using the above tips! It takes a bit of effort to discover the right hairdresser, but when you finally find someone you are completely comfortable with and trust, you and your hair will never look back!





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