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Finding a hobby for you and your children

Finding a hobby for you and your children

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Quality time with our kids is precious, and while it’s lovely to just collapse in a heap and watch movies together, there are times when a little structure can be a good thing. Finding a hobby for you and your children can provide a focus for your family time, and remove the pressure that sometimes mounts when the prospect of a few empty hours together looms large.

Which type of Hobby?

Just because they are your offspring it does not mean that your kids’ interests necessarily match yours. Choosing the right hobby to work on together is crucial if peace and harmony are to follow, so take a long moment to consider your options before diving in. Keep your options wide to begin with, and consider what type of activity could work:

You may have an aversion to physically demanding activities, so rule out sports based hobbies. Your child may show musical aptitude and interest, so consider if that could appeal to you. And so on. Once you have narrowed it down to a general area of activity you can start talking specifics.

Child-Friendly Hobbies

Finding a hobby for you and your familyEach of the above areas covers any number of child-friendly activities. What you choose will depend to a degree on the age of your child. Most kids of six for example, will not relish to idea of learning the brain-hungry game of chess. And older children may find puppetry or knitting a little dull. Here is a selection of activities within each of the above areas that you may like to think about:

  • Brainy games – trivia contests, chess, card games
  • Fun time – kite flying, magic tricks, lego, juggling
  • Outdoors – biking, geo-caching, camping, fishing, tennis
  • Science – bird watching, star-gazing, building rockets
  • Historical stuff – battle re-enactments, castle tours, creating a family tree
  • Food fun – cup-cake decorating, sweet-making, create-and-make a menu
  • Collections – coins, cars, badges, gemstones
  • Arts and Crafts – quilting, painting, pottery, candle-making
  • Music – learn an instrument, attend concerts, join a choir

There are so many potential hobbies to enjoy with your kids it can be easy to become overwhelmed by choice. Try to select just one, and give it enough time for you and your children to really try it out and see if it works for you all. At best you could develop a lifelong passion for something that you can continue to share as your kids grow into adults. At worst you’ve tried out a new set of experiences together – good or bad those precious times will contribute to your family bond, and create memories that will stay with you forever.




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