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Firework safety

firework safety

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With bonfire night fast approaching, now is a great time to familiarise yourself with firework safety. When used incorrectly, fireworks can pose a serious safety threat. Whether you’re planning a small fireworks display in your garden or setting up a large community bonfire night display; there are certain rules you need to follow to ensure you have a safe, fun experience.

Understanding the Fireworks Code

Do you know the Firework Code? It offers simple tips that help to keep you and those around you safe. Firstly if you’re planning on having sparklers, you should always light them one at a time. Make sure you wear gloves too and never give them to children under the age of five.

Any fireworks that you buy should be BS 7114 marked and they should be stored in a closed box. Each type of firework comes with its own set of instructions. Make sure you fully read them before you light the firework. When it comes to actually lighting them, you should keep them at arm’s length and use a taper to light them.

Once lit, be sure to stand well back and under no circumstances go back to them. Be sure to keep your pets indoors too as they get easily spooked by loud noises. It is also important to avoid putting fireworks in your pocket and never throw them.

Storing your fireworks

Fireworks should always be stored within a closed box. They should also be well out of reach of animals and children. They shouldn’t be kept under the stairs or within a passageway.

Keeping children safe

Watching the fireworks with your children can be a great experience. However, it’s important you take precautions in order to ensure they are safe. These precautions will also ensure you and your neighbours are safe too.

firework safety

Tips include:

  • Warn neighbours beforehand; especially the elderly and those with pets
  • Make sure bonfires are at least 60 foot away from trees, the house, sheds, fences and hedges
  • Before lighting fireworks make sure your children and animals are out of the way
  • Don’t put used fireworks, batteries, tyres or tins of paint in the bonfire
  • Place used sparklers in a bucket of water or sand

These are just some safety tips you need to follow. It’s worth keeping in mind that if you’ve built the bonfire ahead of time, there’s a chance animals and even children could be hiding in there. Be sure to check it over thoroughly before you light it.

It is also recommended that you don’t light the bonfire until you’ve let all of your fireworks off. Many people don’t follow this rule but it can make it easier as you won’t have to watch two things at the same time.

If you follow the tips above and prepare well in advance, you should be able to enjoy a stress-free, safe bonfire night. Of course, you should follow these tips no matter when you are planning on setting fireworks off. Hundreds of people suffer firework related injuries each year because they haven’t followed simple advice.




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