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Fleas in the home


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Getting Rid of Fleas in the Home

Fleas are one uninvited visitor that once in your home can be very difficult to get rid of! This guide to getting rid of fleas in the home will hopefully give you some ideas on how to deal with these pesky pests and leave your home a flea-free haven once again.

Finding the Fleas

The first indication of fleas in your home may be a small, itchy bite on your body and your next port of call should be your pet. Cats and dogs are often the culprits when it comes to this parasitic infestation so check your pets regularly with a flea comb. Prevention is most definitely the key to avoiding fleas in your house, so ensure you administer medicated flea drops to your pets on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, once you have discovered fleas on your pet or even in your own clothing, the fleas will have already made themselves comfortable in your carpets and furnishings. If you are unsure as to whether there are fleas in your home, don a pair of white socks and walk around your home. Fleas are easier to spot against white surfaces and therefore white socks will make it much easier to see them.

I’ve Got Fleas – What do I do now?

fleas in the homeOnce you have established there are fleas in your house you will need to act efficiently and quickly. First, dose your pet with a medication approved by a vet. Supermarket brands tend to be less effective and buying different varieties to find one that works can be expensive and so it is better to spend a little more in the first instance on a medication which is known to work. You will need to tackle each room to ensure all the fleas in your house are exterminated. Foggers are quite popular and will rid your house of fleas for several months after application. Read the instructions very carefully and ensure all animals, birds, fish and humans are kept away from the fogged areas for as long as the packet advises. Remove all bedding, cushion covers and throws before fogging and wash them at a very high temperature so fleas and their eggs are killed.

Don’t Forget the Garden!

This area can be tricky, after all there could be many creatures and plants in your garden you won’t want to disturb with flea treatments. Ask your vet about products specifically intended for gardens and follow the instructions very carefully. Some outdoor flea treatments may be applied via a garden hose and in these cases, you may want to preserve your flora and vegetation by steering clear of these areas.

Keeping Fleas at Bay

Keep up to date with your pets’ flea control and check them regularly for any signs of fleas. Vacuuming carpets, rugs and curtains daily can also help prevent a reoccurrence of a flea infestation. One thing that many people forget to do is to empty the vacuum bag regularly and it is important to do this if you suspect fleas have returned, as fleas and their eggs can exist happily inside a vacuum bag, as they wait to creep out into your home once again.

Safety First

If you are unsure about what products are safe to use, speak to your vet. It is important to use the right treatments for both your animal and your home, and treatments can vary depending on the size and breed of your pet. Also make your vet aware about any other animals present in your home as certain flea remedies can have adverse effects on other pets.



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