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Fun indoor winter activities to keep children entertained


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Fun indoor winter activities for kids

Summertime offers endless opportunities for exploring outside, whether it’s playing in the garden or spending the day at the seaside.  However, it can be much more difficult to keep the kids entertained during the cold wet winter months, especially without spending a fortune.  But rather than putting Nickelodeon all day try some our fun indoor winter activities to keep children entertained until spring.

Make snowflakes

Your child might be gazing out the window willing some snow to fall but if it’s just not happening then make some snowflakes of your own using coffee machine filters or circles of plain white paper.  Fold the paper over a few times then cut into the edges.  Unfold and voila!  Just like the real thing, each one is unique and they can be used as Christmas decorations as well as to create your very own paper blizzard.  Scrunch up some white paper to make snowballs too.


Most kids love to help in the kitchen and if they get to eat the result of their hard work then all the better.  Christmas cake, gingerbread men and cupcakes are all lovely treats that your little one can decorate with icing.  Alternatively, you could make your own hot chocolate to warm everyone up after a trip outside.

winter activities for kids

Get crafty

There are loads of wintry craft ideas that kids will have great fun making.  Use cotton wool, paint and sticks found outside to create winter themed collages.  Make your own Christmas cards and wrapping paper.  Paper plates and a little elastic can be transformed into penguin/snowman/Santa Claus/robin masks.  If you’re not particularly crafty yourself look on Pinterest for some inspiration and tutorials.

Write a play

This is a great activity if you have more than one child to entertain.  Get them to put their heads together and come up with a short play that they can act out for you later in the day.  You can pair this activity with craft time and have them make sock puppets then put on a puppet show.  Alternatively, get them to practise for a talent contest.  The possibilities are almost endless.

Feed the birds

When the ground is frozen and hard it’s difficult for birds to find enough food to see them through winter.  A piece of string, some bird seed and gelatine or beef dripping from the butchers is all it takes to make your own feeding station to hang in the garden.  If you’re feeling particularly creative you can use cookie cutters to make them into interesting shapes.  The kids will also enjoy watching the birds eat from inside the window.

Make a den

It’s amazing how much more interesting a child’s usual toys become when they’re played with inside a den.  Use your dining chairs and a blanket or bed sheet to construct a private place for your kids to play and read in.  Fling some cushions onto the floor to make sure they’re nice and comfy.

Dance the day away

It isn’t always easy to get kids exercising when they’re cooped up indoors.  However, by turning the television onto the music channels or making a playlist you can ensure the kids burn lots of excess energy.  If they’re not too keen then introduce games like musical statues or musical bumps.






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