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Furnish your home for free


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Furnishing a home can take a lot of money, but what do you do with your new home if you have small budget and don’t fancy sleeping on the floor for a couple of months? Well, here’s how you could furnish your entire home – from beds to cutlery and from lamps to a bathroom bin – for less. Using these tips you can gather every necessity you need, with just a little internet searching and bargain hunting.

Get online to get freebies

The web is home to thousands of sites you can use to obtain pretty much anything you could possibly need or want, in some places you can even get them entirely free.

Gumtree & Craigslist

Although sites like this can have a bit of a seedy reputation, if you search in the right places you can find some real bargains. Many people are looking to get rid of their old furniture but don’t want to deal with paying for it to be removed, so they simply give it away for free. All you have to do is go pick it up.

There are currently 3,288 items of free furniture and goodies in the UK on Gumtree alone. These include a lovely free antique sofa in Chiswick, a free Kettle in Swansea and a free Ikea table set in Northolt. Each of these items has various photos available and details of the condition of the piece, it’s important that you look for these before you commit and go pick up the item, as you don’t want to get fooled.

Freecycle & Snaffleup

Freecycle is an international organisation that pairs those who want to get rid of old stuff with those who want/ need it. The idea is that if we simply swap and trade our belongings, we will ultimately help the environment.

Snaffleup works the same way, though you don’t have to immediately sign up. By putting your postcode into Snaffleup’s search engine you can find local traders, ensuring you don’t have to travel too far out of your way.


furnish your home

Returning to Gumtree and Craigslist you can find numerous items that people will be charging very little for. Their motivation to get rid of their furniture will probably be the same as those that give it away for free, however many more would like to make at least a tiny profit. Sites such as Swapit, Swapz and My Deco are also worth a look.

Bargains like this can of course be found on eBay and Amazon, the more popular selling and trading sites. However, there are also sites like Clearance Comet where you can bid for Comet’s warehouse appliances, Curry’s also holds a clearance auction online. Showhome Warehouse is also a fantastic place to find quirky, good quality pieces where you can attempt to haggle down the already lowered price.

Keep it local

If you visit your local council’s website or give them a call, you can inquire into their furniture recycling schemes and maybe get a good deal. Then, go traditional and have a look in the classified ads to see if you can spot some bargains.

You can also visit your local charity shops, they are sure to hold at least one piece of furniture you can use for a good price; such as a lamp or simple dining set. Going to car boot sales and yard sales may also provide some great bargains, so don’t forget to check them out too.

Bring the bargains together

When you feel you need to get at least one piece of full price furniture, perhaps to pull your home together and give it a bit of polish, try places like Argos and IKEA. You can buy brand new, full price items and they still won’t break your bank.

There you have it, your home may not be designer but you should be able to get everything you need for very little money! Happy bargain hunting!



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