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Furnish your home for virtually nothing

Furnish your home for virtually nothing

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Furnishing a new home from scratch can cost an eye-watering amount of money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re looking to kit out a new pad – perhaps for a child who has flown the nest – here are our top tips how to furnish your home for virtually nothing and not break the bank.

Look for freebies

What do you do when you’ve replaced an item of furniture but the old piece is still in relatively good condition? You place an ad on Gumtree or Freecycle, of course. Many people have pieces of furniture that they’re not expecting to receive money for but they can’t be bothered arranging and paying for its disposal. Others want rid of furniture without the environmental impact of it going to landfill. This means that a keen-eyed person can take it off their hands and bag a free couch or whatever in the process. You need to be quick though as decent items being offered for free are usually snapped up pretty quickly.

Buying second-hand

While we’re on the subject of taking someone else’s furniture, there is a lot to be said for buying second hand. Even if you’re not getting it for free, you’ll probably end up paying a lot less than you would in the shops. Don’t commit to paying for anything you haven’t seen in person and if you know someone with a van who is willing to help you pick up furniture, you’ll have even more options. Charity shops, car boot sales and online selling groups are great places to start.

Back to basics

furnish your home for virtually nothingShops like IKEA or Argos offer furniture at reasonable prices. While these may be quite basic, they do create a chic minimalistic look. You can also jazz them up to suit your own personal style. Even those of us without much creative flair can add finishing touches to inexpensive furniture. For example, a glass-topped coffee table can be personalised by placing a collage of photos under the glass or a bookcase can be brightened by adding wallpaper to the back surface (this works just as well with old magazine pages/gig flyers/whatever you have around).

Shop around

When purchasing something new, don’t just buy it in the first shop you see it in. A quick online search will show you where to buy it at the best price. It is sometimes staggering how much prices for the exact same product vary between shops so it is definitely worth doing your homework. If the item is something you can wait for, hold off for the sales and you might get it at an even better price.

Don’t be too fussy

If you’re furnishing a new home on a tight budget then you can’t really afford to be too fussy. However, that’s not to say your new place will look completely shabby when you’re finished. If the sofa you’ve acquired for free clashes horrifically with the curtains then stick a co-ordinating throw over it. Opt for quality and comfort over colour schemes and you’ll have a lot more to choose from – and it’s much better to have a comfy sofa in the ‘wrong’ colour than a lumpy one that complements your décor!



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