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Are consoles still a cop-out? Not any more…

Whilst games consoles may seem like a great way to rot your kids’ brains, in reality, giving their spatial awareness skills a good workout once in a while won’t do them any harm. It’s more constructive than leaving them in front of an Aussie soap for hours a week, and can encourage teamwork along with valuable problem-solving skills. The days of games involving driving, fighting and little else are behind us, with all manner of games for all ages and both sexes on offer – and if you box clever, you can pick up the hardware and plenty of games for next to nothing.

Bag a bargain

First off, it’s worth remembering that this market is moving faster than a Japanese driving game, and everything is out of date just a few months after it’s launched – so buy the last console, not the latest – and pay next to nothing. Let the 20-something male market pay for the bang up-to-date kit, whilst you and your kids enjoy the established classics for zip all.

One of the reasons it’s virtually impossible to keep up with the release of new consoles is due to something called Moore’s Law: This states that computer processors get twice as powerful every 18 months to 2 years, meaning manufacturers can churn out ever-cheaper and ever-smaller consoles at a blistering rate.

Second hand

Buying second-hand is one of the best ways to pick up bargain hardware, and you can purchase an almost-new console for a fraction of the current retail cost. From about £50, you can get your hands on a ‘pre-loved’ Nintendo Wii with all the trimmings including games, steering wheels, and other vital accessories.

If you’re in the market for second-hand console, get into the habit of watching prices on eBay, and making a last-minute bid. If you’ve never bought anything from eBay before, then it pays to do research beforehand – know what you’re buying, check out the seller’s history, set a budget, and stick to it.games consoles

Alternatively, visit your local Cash Converters or pawnshop. With the current economic climate, pawn shops are awash with cheap electronics and gaming gear.

Cost effectiveness

Splashing out on a console could even prove to be cost-effective too: There’s no doubt about it, a good game can provide hours of endless entertainment as you and your family work through the levels together. Compare the cost of this against a trip to the cinema and a few boxes of popcorn, and suddenly staying in for a night on the Wii seems like a great idea. Plus, deep down you really want to defeat the Level 4 baddie and you think you might know where the secret door is…

For all the family

Secondly, it’s not all guns, fast cars and world domination any more. Ever since the Nintendo Wii came onto the market, family-friendly, lower octane games have been gaining popularity. And if you’re worried that your little bundle of joy is turning into a little couch potato, then how about a dancing game such as Disney Just Dance? As long as you can abide the sounds of relentless Disney musicals sang in high-pitched voices, then this lively DVD could be a surefire hit. Plus, the whole family can get in on the fun. The moves may look simple, but you’ll soon work up a sweat, no matter what your age or fitness level. And not only will this kind of game get the blood pumping and the calories burning, it will teach them coordination, teamwork, and even choreography basics.

Educational games

There are numerous educational games as well – computer consoles are capable of strengthening the brain, not just rotting it. In MySpanish Coach, your child can learn dozens of new words in just 20 minutes. This excellent course has over 1000 interactive lessons, and next time you go to the Costa Del Sol, they’ll be ordering tapas like a native.games consoles

In Big Brain Academy, players compete against each other in a series of challenging mini games which push the brain harder and further each day; for an immersive game with a difference, dive into Endless Ocean: Plunge deep to explore World War II wrecks, catalogue and identify marine life, or just bob around and enjoy the fishy graphics.

A console doesn’t have to be a noisy expensive addition to the house, and nor does it have to promote laziness or violence. With the correct games and hardware, a console can educate, entertain, amuse and stimulate…and if you get one that includes fitness gear, it will have you and your brood fighting fit in no time.








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