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Gift ideas for grandparents

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Grandparents can play a special role in the lives of your children, and at appropriate times of year it can be a lovely idea to show appreciation for everything they do with a simple gift.  Many grandparents already have the practical things they need, so gifts from the grandchildren are generally personal, or more innovative ones.

You don’t have to break the bank, and getting your kids involved in choosing or making a present is a good way to help them learning about the pleasure of giving.  Here are some gift ideas for grandparents.

Personalised Gifts

The internet is a wonderful source of inspiration for personalised gifts.  So many small crafty, creative businesses have sprung up in recent years, and you can find a wide variety of innovative homemade gifts to choose among, or general objects that can be made special with a personal message.  A cake tin with Granny and Grandpa’s names on it, or a silver trinket box engraved with a loving message will always be well received.

Photo Gifts

Grandparents have a lifetime of memories.  Creating a photo gift that brings together images of them enjoying time with the grandchildren, or simply just of the children on their own is a delightful way to capture fresh memories forever.  Mugs, posters, place mats, and T-shirts can all be adorned with images of your children.  For more traditional grandparents, a photomontage, or a special photo in a handpicked frame is perfect. I Want One Of Those has a great range of photo gifts including canvases, mugs and even jigaws.

Family Tree Gifts

Leaving the legacy of a family line often captures the imagination of grandparents, and you can demonstrate your respect for this by showing grandparents how you plan to keep their presence alive into the future.  Work with your kids to create your very own family tree, using snapshots or stories.  Fingerprints can also be a unique way of capturing individuals on a truly personalised family tree picture.

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Edible Gifts

Most children love making and baking in the kitchen, so roll up your sleeves, break out those aprons and get cooking!  Simple recipes to make with children include:

  • Biscuits
  • Peppermint creams
  • Chocolate shapes melted into moulds
  • Jam
  • Toffee

You can help with the hot bits, and the children will enjoy decorating the box, jar, or bag that you present your gift in. Failing that, Amazon have some lovely Christmas hampers, if you’re not so gifted in the kitchen.

Get Crafty

If your children like making things, then this can be the basis for a delightfully personal gift for the grandparents.  It is not the artistic expertise that is important here, but the idea that the children have taken time to make something specifically with their grandparents in mind.  Good ideas include:

  • A painting or drawing of the grandparents, or their home
  • Hand and foot print pictures
  • Simple shapes made from modelling clay and painted
  • Bookmarks
  • Painted pottery – visit a local workshop to create the perfect gift

Green Gifts

Many grandparents love their plants and gardens almost as much as they love their families.  Gifts that reflect their hobby show thought and care in their selection.  An unusual plant or flower is a nice idea, or perhaps a small garden ornament, such as a cute stone rabbit or tortoise.  Whenever the grandparents see the gift they will be reminded of the little ones.  If money is tight but you know your parents love to visit formal gardens, a National Trust subscription can be enjoyed all year.












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