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Hair disasters


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Handling a hair disaster

Let’s face it, we have all had hair disasters at some point in our lives, be it a fringe cut frighteningly too short, giving even Bjork a run for her money – or that blonde bombshell look we aimed for that ending up being more Chris Evans than Marilyn Monroe! Whilst there is always a guy who has the dodgy highlights or a run in with some over ambitious ‘Just for Men’, it’s the women who this really effects.

Our crowning glory

For women, our hair is an integral part of our being; it’s what makes us feel feminine, sexy and confident and when it goes wrong it can feel like the end of the world. If you are anything like a friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous of course) and takes snaps of unknowing passers-by only to send them on with a caption of “I want this do” or “How bushy is this hair”, the old barnet can be the root of either insane jealousy or a hefty dose of micky take! So, with that said, what do you do when your hair disaster has become so bad it could host it’s own twitter page?

Don’t panic!hair disasters

If you have gone to a salon and the results were not as you were expecting, don’t panic! Even the professionals can have results that were not as intended but the best thing about the professionals is that they know how to fix mistakes. Before giving your stylist a high five – with a chair, in the face – give them the chance to correct the error. Hair can have a mind of it’s own and every now and then it will do odd things, but most of the time it can be easily remedied. It may seem like jumping back into the shark pool, but if you can let the stylist who made the mistake do the correcting, it is often better. If however, you truly fear that letting them back at your locks is likely to result in further trauma, then do seek out another expert on recommendation as soon as possible.

Don’t do a DIY fix

If the hair disaster was of your making, don’t be tempted to fix it yourself. Yes it’s embarrassing, yes it can be expensive, but historical evidence does not weigh in your favour, so grab a hat, stick on those sunglasses and get yourself to your hairdresser ASAP! Hair colouring can be a complicated business and whilst you may have been dying your hair with your home kit for years, when things have gone badly wrong, it’s best left to the colour correction specialist to undue the mistake. You may risk further damage to your hair if you make your own (and often botched) attempt to repair the disaster. If, however all else fails, and even the experts cannot remedy the hair disaster immediately here is your guide to survival!

  • Hot water and hot virgin olive oil is great for stripping your hair of its colour.
  • Start taking hair vitamins. Yes it won’t magically fix the problem but it will help the hair to grow quickly and healthily
  • Accessorise your hair; a fabulous scarf or hairband can work wonders for concealing a hair disaster.
  • Offer to be a hair model. You never know, the colour that you think is hideous might now be on trend and you could be the next face of a hair magazine! (Long shot I know but stranger things have happened)
  • Be positive. Easier said than done but in the great scheme of things there’s worse things that can happen.
  • Time is a great healer. Yes you may have to risk being victim to my snap happy friend with her “Dodgy Hair-Do Hunting” and the odd jibe but it won’t be forever. Hair grows. Fact. In time you may actually learn to love that reddish hue or that soft minty green that is now adorning your luscious locks!

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