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Hair in a hurry!

quick hair tips

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Quick tips for hair in a hurry

Are you always rushing in the mornings? Are you panic stricken when work runs over and you are going out tonight?Well here’s a few helpful hints and tips for hair in a hurry that may just save you from that hair disaster waiting to happen!

1 Minute hair: If you have long hair and it’s always messy in a morning then simply go with it! Simple huh?!

quick hair tips

Tip your head upside down and shake your hair at the roots, this will create lots of volume. Pull your head back up, twist one side loosely behind your ear creating a beautiful tousled look with minimum effort!

Top hair tips

Invest in Bobby pins or Kirby grips, they are as cheap as chips and enable you to pin your hair up quickly without being visible.


quick hair tips

Ponytails are big this season; loads of celebs are sporting the simple pony! Wash and blow dry your hair, pull your hair back into the nape of your neck neatly and secure with a hairband. You could then take a section of the ponytail from underneath and wrap around the hairband and secure with a hairpin.

Skip the wash!

The fastest way to deal with your hair in a hurry is to skip the shampooing, Try rubbing some baby powder into your roots to absorb everyday grease and oils, then brush thoroughly to remove the excess powder. Your hair feels and smells fresher without bothering with water and shampoo. Equally, you could try one of the many dry shampoos on the market which are also very effective and smell gorgeous too.

Go Natural!

We all fight against our natural hair!! Curly to straight and vice versa. The quickest and easiest way is to simply go au-naturale; using the right products to suit your hair type makes light work and can be achieved in minutes!

Speed dry your hair

quick hair tips

Speed drying your hair saves so much time and energy in the morning. After shampooing your hair wrap in a super absorbent towel, then leave to partly dry naturally while you sort the kid’s breakfast out, put on your makeup and get dressed. Choose the right tools; for long hair use a large round brush and a powerful hairdryer, and for curly hair use a diffuser, this saves so much time and effort.

Having a bad hair day?

If your hair is long and you simply don’t have time in a morning to mess about, pin it all up in a top knot with hairgrips or a hair band and tie a trendy scarf around your hair line for a modern up to date look.



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