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Halloween Games

Halloween Games

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Halloween is becoming a much more celebrated occasion in Britain as the years go by. The kids go out dressed as ghouls and goblins in their amazing costumes trick or treating. They might have Halloween discos at school and many of us now throw a Halloween party. We have gone mad for it. Of course all occasions are best with a few games thrown in, so let’s have a look at the games families and the kids can play at our Halloween bash!

Donut eating race

Hang several yummy donuts by a string from a branch, rod, shelf (but somewhere safe). Line up your players in front of them (they have to be blindfolded) and on the count of three they have to try and eat their donut – first to demolish their sugary treat is the winner!

Mummy wrap

Make teams of two, giving each team a toilet roll. Once the music plays one player of the team wraps the other from head to toe (leave the head free and don’t bind arms to the body) making a mummy. When the mummy is wrapped they must run to a finishing line, first mummy there is the winner! Remember to gather back up that loo roll – it could well still have a use!

Skeleton relay

Buy or draw a simple skeleton and cut out the bones from it separately. Each team will need a full set of bones to play this. Get your teams lined up at the other end of the room and on the sound of the (spooky) music each member has to run to get a piece of skeleton, then the next and so on. The first team with the skeleton pieced together (properly – no hands at end ends of the legs please!) is the winner.

halloween gamesBobbin’ for apples

All Halloween parties need a bobbin’ for apples game surely! In case you’ve never had the pleasure – fill a round and shallow bowl with water, put in the apples and let the kids loose. The quickest one is the winner. And remember if hands are used – disqualification!!

Pin the wart on the witch

A Halloween take on the classic pin the tail on the donkey. You will need a large picture of a witch. If she is not already adorned with a wart draw one on. Then of course blindfolded the kids (after a slow spin or two) must put their wart (paper and tape) somewhere on the witches face. The closest one to the existing wart wins!

Walk on the witch’s hat

A bit of a Halloween musical chairs this one! Either buy or make a picture of witch’s hat and tape it to the floor before the game commences. The players now line up with their eyes closed (a leader needs to be at the front to ensure there’s absolutely no peeking!) The leader starts and stops the music as the players walk in a circle around the hat. When the music stops the person standing on the hat is out. The last player remaining in the circle is the winner.

These are just some of the games families and kids can play at Halloween parties. Most other party games can be adapted with a Halloween twist. Ensure there are plenty of spooky treats for the winners and a bit of spooky music can help set the scene and happy Halloweening!








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