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Have you tried Freecycle?

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‘You don’t get owt for nowt’ – a phase most of us are familiar with. Yet there are a growing number of sites such as Freecycle, where you really do get something for nothing. A website where you don’t sell, buy, bid or pay, you simply give away your goods or receive them for free – no catch! Well, no catch but there is certain etiquette to abide by so as long as stick to the freecycling guidelines, you can soon find yourself with that longed for piano at no cost whatsoever!

How does Freecycle work?

Freecycle is made up from small local groups that you can join to either give items away or get them for free. Sign up, join the local groups and then you are set to go. Apart from getting the bargain of the year, freecycle is a great way of getting rid of large items that are unsuitable for charity shops and would cost you to get removed, such as sofas, wardrobes or freezers. Freecycle isn’t just restricted to large items either, there is literally everything including the kitchen sink that you can either give away or receive, some people have even been known to give away cars!

Once you are signed up you will probably want to get a separate email account to stop you getting bombarded with notices of what is on offer and what folk are wanting or giving. Join plenty of local groups to boost your chances of finding goods you want and attracting interested parties to items you have to give away. But before you start trying to snap up enough to set you up in new home, remember, its better to give than to receive. So start off by giving, no matter how small you think it may be or useless to you, you will be amazed at what people will take off your hands.

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Begin by posting a notice on your groups’ board or send a mail to the groups email address. You want to put in the subject line ‘OFFERED’ then the item and the area or postcode. Then in the main body of the mail, describe your item along with any photos or website links and state the size. Never use your real email or telephone number, stick to correspondence through the site. Once you have people interested you can select who you want to give the item too. People often choose people who give plenty away so it makes sense to give as much as you get, so don’t just say yes to the first person.

As well as the feel good factor of giving away items to get a new lease of life, it’s also great for the environment and great for the local community. So before you head to the tip with a boot full, remember, one mans trash is another mans treasure!



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