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Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Healthy New year's resolutions

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The beginning of a new year is often seen as a time for change. And a huge number of people planning to make changes in the new year will be aiming to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. If this is you but you are unsure of where to start, take inspiration from our list of healthy new year’s resolutions.

Stop smoking

This is perhaps the most effective route to a healthier lifestyle. However, it can also be one of the most difficult. The benefits of stopping smoking are huge and as well as all the health benefits you’ll see, you’ll also save a stash of cash. Use this as an incentive and put aside the money you would normally spend on cigarettes to enjoy a treat later in the year. You might be surprised how much money you’ll save!

Cut down on alcohol

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a nice glass of wine or a cold lager but if the indulgence of Christmas and Hogmanay has left you feeling a bit worse for wear, you might want to cut down on he much you drink. You could take part in Dry January for a month-long alcohol detox but if you want to keep healthy habits going throughout the year it’s better to cut down rather than give up alcohol completely.

Healthy New year's resolutions

Get fit

January is traditionally the busiest time for gyms as people strive to keep resolutions they make over new year. However, most fitness centres start to see a drop in footfall even before the month is out. If you want to make sure your health drive lasts all year it’s best to pick an activity you enjoy. Going for a swim after work can be refreshing and dance classes can be a fun way to get fit and learn some new moves while you’re at it. The more you enjoy something, the more likely you are to keep it up.

Cook fresh

Time pressured parents can often find it convenient to reach for jars of sauce or ready meals to speed up meal preparation time. It’s also easy to fall into the trap of eating the same meals week in week out. Making your own meals from scratch can be rewarding as well as healthy and teaches kids good habits. It doesn’t need to be too time consuming either – slow cookers and batch cooking are great time savers in the kitchen. Aim to try at least one new recipe every couple of weeks and mix up your diet so you’re not eating the same old things over and over. You’ll find your meals are healthier, tastier and you’ll enjoy them more knowing you’ve made them yourself.

Swap foods

If you’re doing all of the above then you don’t want to spoil it all by pigging out on the couch every evening. That doesn’t mean you can’t snack though. Rather than crisps, biscuits or takeaways, opt for healthier foods instead. Things like popcorn, nuts or veggie sticks with dips can make tasty alternatives that won’t hit your waistline.



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