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Holidays for teenagers

Holidays for teenagers

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It will come to all of us as parents, the time when your child becomes a teenager and being with you is just not cool anymore. The time when they want to stare at their phone hanging on every text message and sit in their room listening again and again to their favourite album. Teenagers seem to know where you are if they want some cash or a lift, but even then you’ll have to drop them off 50 yards away from their destination so their mates don’t see.

The teen symptoms hit earlier for some children even around the age of 7 or 8 some would rather be with their friends than be spotted out holding their parents hands. So what happens when it comes to holiday time? What happens when they don’t want to sit round the pool with you and their younger brothers or sisters anymore because they’d rather be off having their own adventures. There is something you can do if you want your child to have a holiday and not make them tag along with you risking two weeks of grumps in the sun.

Teen Holidays in the U.K and Europe

As alien as the idea may sound, there are specialised holidays for children of the same age group, and sending your child on one of these may give them the freedom and adventure they crave. The holidays are activity based with the hope that a programme of activities will encourage teenagers to get out of bed and do something with their holiday. Activities include pony trekking, motor biking, football or water sports. Some centres offer music based activities or even teach them how to drive. Each centre will have a different programme on offer so it’s important to choose one which best suits your child.

Character Building

Holidays for teenagersAs well as keeping your child occupied holidays like this can be really character building. Most of the children on these holidays will be trying the activities for the first time so there’s no need for yours to feel nervous if something is new to them. It also gives them the chance to meet other youngsters with a similar outlook and make new friends in a safe environment. If sending your child alone is a bit too daunting both for them and you, it may be better to see if groups of friends want to go on holiday together so you know they are with friends they feel comfortable with. In the evenings there is usually entertainment, or some holidays companies take trips out to places like bowling alleys.


The type of accommodation on offer varies for these kinds of holidays, from camping, to cabins or even a manor house. Most places have games rooms and TV rooms and food is included in the price. When it comes to cost it’s around £500 pounds for a peak season week in the U.K.

Age Ranges

The holidays are usually split into different age groups so that your child is mixing with young people of their own age. Typical age groups for these kinds of breaks are 7-10, 10-13 and 13-16. If you’d rather take an adventure holiday with your child companies do offer family breaks both in the UK and Europe which might just make it cool to hang out with mum and dad again.




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About Joanne Lowe

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