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How can you avoid arguments over Christmas


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How to avoid arguments during the holidays

Christmas is traditionally a time for peace and goodwill towards all but add family into the mix and those ideas can easily be thrown right out the window.  Whether it’s kids fighting over new toys or granddad offending everyone after one too many sherries, it isn’t always simple to enjoy a harmonious Christmas.  But this is perhaps the one time of year when you all get together and you want it to go smoothly.  So how can you avoid arguments over Christmas?

Don’t buy into the stereotype

Television adverts and festive movies show a stream of happy families enjoying a seemingly idyllic Christmas together.  However, real life isn’t often like this.  Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean your family will change overnight so don’t expect too much.  There’s absolutely no harm in asking family members to put aside their differences for the day but don’t anticipate them transforming into The Waltons for Christmas dinner.

Limit alcohol

Christmas arguementsChristmas and overindulgence go hand in hand, but alcohol can often play a part in arguments bubbling over.  While you may want to be the perfect host and ensure nobody’s glass is ever empty, if you fear a family feud is about to explode in your living room it might be sensible to take a more restrained approach to alcohol.  Drink can make people more likely to overreact as well as fueling them to say things they might otherwise keep to themselves, so try to limit alcoholic drinks to some wine with dinner.  Afterwards make tea, coffee or hot chocolate for everyone so you still get to be a great host.

Keep everyone entertained

Have the kids show off their presents before dinner, keep some safe conversation topics up your sleeve for during the meal and get out a board game to play afterwards.  If everyone is kept occupied they’ll be having too much fun to start arguments or bring up old grievances.

Go for a walk

Suggesting a stroll after dinner allows some of your family to get out the house for a bit, take in some fresh air and have a break from others who may irritate them.  Not everyone will want to go so those left at home will have a similar quiet time to calm themselves down if they are feeling irked.  Even if nobody takes you up on the offer, a gentle walk on your own will give you some time to relax and not worry about everyone else.

Focus on what’s important

It’s easy to get caught up in all the trimmings of Christmas, but take some time to reflect on why you’re celebrating it in the first place.  Whether you’re religious or not, Christmas is a time to be thankful for what you have in life.  Even if your family is driving you potty you know they would be there for you in a heartbeat if you needed them and that’s what matters.

Don’t let it get you down

You might feel like there is little you can do to keep the peace but there’s not much point in stressing over it.  Letting yourself get stressed takes even more of the enjoyment out of the day for you and your guests will pick up on the tension already in the room.  Try to relax and you never know, everything may go swimmingly and you would have been worrying over nothing.





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