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How do you choose a pram?

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Your pram will be the vehicle in which you transport your precious bundle of newborn baby around outside, so choosing one that is right for you is crucial. The choice can be confusing, but never fear – our simple and comprehensive guide will steer you through …

1: Traditional Prams

Also known as “Coach Built Prams” these are the old-style roomy carry-cot on wheels, of the like you’d imagine nannies and royals pushing as they stroll serenely around perfectly manicured gardens.. Typically having a large hood, big wheels, and a wide frame they are comfortable and spacious. Generally with good suspension they give your baby a comfortable ride.

They are expensive but beautiful, and were designed in a time before cars were a regular sight on the roads making their size and limited collapsibility an non-issue. One pram would often serve a family for several generations – they were built to last!

The retro-appeal of this old-style makes it very tempting!

Traditional Pram Pros

• Sturdy, comfortable and luxurious

• Surprisingly easy to push and comfortable for baby

• The deep bed makes it possible for baby to sit up, and offers excellent protection from the elements

Traditional Pram Cons

• Expensive, especially considering the limited time it can be used for

• Large and unwieldy – not great for a small family car

• Baby will usually outgrow it in a year

Traditional Pram

2: Modern Prams

Although the terminology used by retailers can be confusing, you simply need to remember that a pram is really a carry-cot on wheels. That in mind, there are several options in the modern style that could suit you:

Travel System Buggy – a three-in-one system that typically comprises a robust pushchair chassis onto which separate and compatible car seat and carry-cot attachments can be clicked.

Two-in-One Buggy – comprises a seat with a hood that can be reclined full to work as a carry-cot, or used more upright as a seat for older babies and toddlers.

Both types can be three or four wheel, and car seat attachments can often be bought as an optional extra.

Modern Pram Pros

• Seats are often reversible, so baby can sit facing you

• The sturdy pram-style chassis normally results in a smoother ride

• Young babies will more easily doze-off in a pram and if the carry-cot is detachable you can transfer your sleeping child into the house with ease. The carry-cot can also double as a Moses basket

• It can be used as a pushchair as your baby grows

Modern Pram Cons

• Compared with other pushchairs that can accommodate a newborn, prams can be expensive

• Depending on the model you choose your baby may outgrow the pram quite quickly

• They can be quite bulky and heavier than a standard pushchair

• They tend to have larger wheels to support to chassis, making them less easy to manoeuvre around town

Modern pram





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