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How to change your lifestyle


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Albert Einstein said that the meaning of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  When we think of habits it’s often in the negative sense, Forming habits is as natural as breathing and walking, and the great news is, in the same way that bad habits impact your life negatively; developing the right habits can have an equally positive impact.  In fact with just 7 little habits, you could change your life!

Think positively!

Thinking nice thoughts sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed how often we just don’t do it and really it is the core habit that will help you form all other important habits.  Obviously, positive thinking by itself won’t necessarily lead to success, but it goes a long way to connect you to what needs to be done. Get in the habit of noticing the positive aspects of your situation. If you find yourself complaining about what’s going on around you, then counter each complaint you make with one or two positive observations.  Get this one cracked and you’ll have a much easier time.

Get active!

Yes I know exercise is tedious, but really, when you get into your head what this stuff does for you in a holistic sense, it’s no longer boring, its life giving! Firstly, the release of endorphins whilst exercising makes you feel great and this leads to victory with other positive changes;  It reinforces the old positive thinking and It relieves stress and gives you time to think — this leads to better mental well-being in your life overall.

First things first!

Who ever said multitasking was a good idea?  It’s just stressful trying to achieve important things, if you’re distracted by other “urgent” things. Focus on one thing at a time and finish it to the best of your ability, be present and give it 100%, you’ll be more effective and ultimately get more done.

Focus on one goal

change your lifestyleThere really is no point to starting so many projects that you’ll never finish any of them. It leads to splitting your focus in the misguided belief that such splits are sustainable. Focus on one goal at a time.  Obviously that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to eat healthy or go to the gym while you’re working on a big project, but it does mean you should focus your attention on a single goal at a time.

Have a clear out

How much insignificant fluff is floating about in your world? It’s time to work out what is most important to you, what you love the most; then remove everything else. This action streamlines everything and gives you the space to focus on the essential. You can do this in any area of your life and believe me it’s totally liberating.

Be Nice!

Compassion and kindness can be developed as a way of life. You feel better about yourself and you’ll notice people react to you differently and treat you better, its simple cause and effect and it works! Set a determination to do something kind for someone each day. At the beginning of the day, figure out what that kind act will be and then do it during the day.

Structure is key

So straightforward, but devising a daily structure will make the biggest difference to your life. Develop a routine for when you wake up, for when you first start working, for when you finish your workday, and for the end of your evening. You’ll be amazed at how much more of the important stuff you get done.









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