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How to look and feel younger

How to look and feel younger

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Hands up, who wants to look and feel older than they actually are? Thought not. With the exception of teenagers wanting to grow up faster than their parents would probably like, most of us would rather hold on to our youth. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking your age and growing old gracefully, but wouldn’t it be nice to feel a little younger? To say goodbye to those little aches and pains, boost your self-esteem and have a bit more energy? Well, it’s not impossible. Here’s how you can make yourself look and feel younger.

Sleep well

It isn’t called beauty sleep for nothing! Getting enough sleep can help you feel refreshed but also allows your body a chance to recover from the day before. This includes your skin, which becomes more elastic and supple through sleep leaving you looking more youthful. However, don’t get carried away as too much sleep can leave you looking puffy-eyed and feeling sluggish. Seven or eight hours a night is perfect for most people.

Apply make up carefully

This one may appear to be only about looking younger but if you look good, you feel good so it really does make you feel younger too. A little concealer applied from the corner of your eye outwards will disguise any dark circles lurking under your peepers, while a tinted moisturiser or light foundation with a little blusher will make your skin tone appear more even and give you a youthful glow.

It’s also worth experimenting with make up every so often. What suited you years ago may not be perfect for you now and you might be surprised at the effects new products can have.

Look after your skin

Why should your skin do you any favours if you don’t bother taking the time to look after it? Gently exfoliate in the shower and apply moisturisers regularly. Most importantly, be sure to wear sunscreen religiously. Wrinkles and age spots are largely caused or exacerbated by the sun’s rays so make sure your skin is protected whenever you’re out and about.

How to look and feel younger

Learn to relax

Whether yoga, Pilates or settling down with a good book is your idea of relaxation, make time to do it often. Tension and worry can have a huge impact on how young you look and feel so try to set aside some time to let it all ease away.


Obviously the fitter you are, the younger you’ll feel but exercise doesn’t stop there. Getting your blood flowing improves circulation and makes your skin glow. You don’t have to go to the gym three times a week though. Walking, cycling, swimming and even dancing all count so choose an activity you’ll enjoy. While not strictly exercise, having lots of sex has been proven to make people look up to ten years younger!

Stop smoking

There are many reasons to stop smoking but looking younger and being more attractive are just two of them. Smoking stops oxygen and protective nutrients reaching your skin, making it appear sallow and older. When you quit you’ll also notice shinier hair, gorgeous lips and nails, brighter eyes and a whiter smile.



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